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    Unique ES 125T

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    Unique ES 125T

    Hello Folks, I'm a newbie so please excuse any violations of protocol here. I will try to be brief and humble. I have a 1957 ES 125T I purchased from the original owner back in 1979. It has 4 pots on it but only one pickup. I have never seen another 125T like this but it is definitely a factory addition. Not sure what the additional knobs/pots do if anything. I believe they might be unattached. The other two bottom knobs are tone and volume for the amazing single pickup ( a P90). I read on Wiki that 320 125T's were made with double pickups in 1958. Is it possible that this guitar was an early prototype and the other pickup was never added? The guitar comes from a now deceased mid west gentleman who lived near the Kalamazoo factory and apparently knew some of the Gibson employees. His wife offered me the guitar for $100 back in 1979 and I knew it was worth more and offered her $500 but she would only take $300. The guitar is in storage so I can't provide a photo but the finish has a beautiful cracking that is even and looks like a cool effect! Can anyone tell me what I likely have here and if any others exist? I am not interested in selling the guitar but I would like to know how much to insure it for. Many thanks to all who reply. I am grateful for any help. -Tod
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