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  1. d00d, you know I love Neil Young. Everybody Knows This is Nowhere is one of my favorite albums EVER. I'm just having some fun at your expense. ;)

  2. I have Diabolus Absconditus. That's the EP that got me into them.

  3. Yeah man. Great stuff--very deep and inventive.

  4. Deathspell Omega.

    That is all.

  5. I love you too Steve.

    Also, did you try copying the links into your address bar? That should do it. Either that or they won't play in the UK. They worked fine on my end.

  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nQ1h8-AZfLI Nothing beats melodic death metal.
  7. American Spirits are pretty good, to be fair, and I smoke them sometimes too. The blacks are harsh as ****, which is good because I like harsh cigarettes. Also they burn pretty slowly.

    Good on you for quitting, though. I want to quit but they keep calling me back. In fact, just writing about cigarettes makes me want to go out for a smoke.

  8. I was just playing around dude--no sweat, really. I've been crabby too, to be honest. Midterms suck and every girl I've tried talking to has rejected me outright, except for the girl of my dreams who just so happens to be a lesbian.

    I went off cigarettes for a weekend because my parents were visiting, and when I took them up again, I didn't like any smokes but Marlboro No...

  9. Georges Bataille is a continentalist, and my school doesn't seem to cover continentalist philosophies (existentialism, pragmatism, nihilism etc.) as much as they do the analytic philosophies (i.e. logical positivism, formal logic etc.), but I do read some Bataille in my spare time. I really like reading Nietzsche and Sartre, two philosophers you should definitely familiarize yourself with.

  10. But yeah, definitely go where your interests lead you--and don't be afraid to apply for "safety" schools. Those places can have some of the best professors hiding out there. McDaniel was my safety and it ended up being awesome. It's really all about being comfortable socially and being challenged academically at the same time.

  11. Oh, nice! EE is a great field--I was considering going to Lafayette for that, but they waitlisted me and then I decided to go to McDaniel before they sent me my acceptance letter. I'm not upset, though--my interests changed and now I'm a film major/philosophy minor. Also there are a lot of cute girls here and they don't mind if you smoke cigars in the open.

  12. Come to McDaniel, dude. Their acceptance rate is ridiculously high. LOL.

  13. I didn't hand it in yet, but I spoke to my professor and she actually loves the idea for my paper. Again, I ******* love college.

  14. Writing a paper on the Christianization of Scandinavia and I get to write an entire page about Norwegian black metal. I ******* love college.

  15. Yeah dude, I like Dax Riggs' solo work. I don't like it as much as Acid Bath, but it's pretty good nonetheless.

  16. Oh! OK.

    I haven't seen Code Geass yet. Yeah, I thought it was a picture of Light. Guess I was mistaken. (Derp.)

    How ya doing?

  17. Death Note profile pic?

    I approve.

  18. I got 'em dude, I'm gonna check them out in an hour or so.

  19. Yeah. I mean...not to say that the new Decapitated is really *bad*, just that it's unoriginal and repetitive, and I can't do the whole thing in one sitting.

    Meshuggah is a really easy band to rip off. Much easier than ripping off Winter or Disembowelment, anyway.

    Oh well.

  20. Have you heard the new Decapitated album?

    I'm checking out some of the tracks on Youtube now...I'm really not liking it as much as Winds of Creation/Nihility. It's like Organic Hallucinosis, but even more repetitive, and there's too much generic djentiness in it IMO.

    Like...when did "technical death metal" start meaning "rip off Meshuggah"?

  21. Even if I like Obituary? XD

    I dunno why, but I was in the mood for them today.

  22. d00d, sorry I keep hijacking your threads...

  23. I have it. It's excellent. I'm really looking forward to the rest of the Relapse remasters. They're doing great work on them. (And maybe some day the 2nd Control Denied album will be released...) In other news:
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