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  1. Correct. Always be able to return it to original spec whenever possible.
  2. So many beautiful giutars shown here. My '95 standard is just a "plain jane" honeyburst but she does play incredible. One of my favorites.
  3. Hey dROK83, I got this about 4 years ago from Buzzy Levine at Larkstreet Music who I know is a reputable dealer. I was curious about the sunburst finish that I had never seen before on a 347 but couldn't get much info. He said he hadn't seen too many but that the finish was original. The guitar is in pristine condition so I count myself fortunate to get a rare example of such a fine instrument. It is fantastic for blues and jazz especially run through my '65 Fender Showman 15.
  4. I'm glad they are the red-headed stepchild. I have three - a '79, an '87 and a '91 and they are fantastic. Not being as popular, I aquired them at a great price.
  5. I have two guitars with the tailpiece.....Love them!
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