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  1. Beautiful natural finish. Never have seen that before. Here's my Custom Shop 345 from 2000.
  2. Right you are lpdeluxe. The wiring scheme took some time to get used to but it makes some interesting tone variations. The laminated neck took getting used to also...........its like a baseball bat but the guitar plays great. All I have ever seen is natural finish as well.
  3. Love mine because for me it helps to balance the giutar better.
  4. I haven't seen one of these posted yet. Anyone else enjoy playing theirs as much as I enjoy playing mine? She's a '68.
  5. Thanks to a lot of good advise I got from my fellow guitarists here, I ordered a Custom ES330L that arrived today. Just wanted to share with all of you. For decades all I would ever consider were humbuckers on my Gibsons until last year when I purchased a SG Classic. Needless to say I fell in love with that incredible gritty tone from the P90s. As good as they sound on the SG, I can't believe how they sound on a thin line hollow body!! A fantastic blues and jazz guitar.
  6. I LOVE my SG Classic..............Great price...Great guitar!!
  7. That's the fun part of aquiring a guitar.........finding that certain one out of all you play, even if they are the same model that you just can't live without........
  8. Follow Yaff's advise........I totally agree. Play as many as you can........you'll find the one made just for you.
  9. I like ebony. That's why I favor the LP Custom and the ES347.
  10. Thanks Everyone..................great feedback. Most appreciated. dylanita.......she's a beauty. The cherry finish is what I'm interested in as well.
  11. Has anyone tried this out or purchased one? Saw it in a Musician's Friend catalog I just received.
  12. That certainly is a beauty. Never seen that color offered before.
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