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  1. Hello everybody! I'm pleased to announce that I finally upgraded my Epiphone SG after 12 years to an AMAZING Gibson SG Standard 2019! I used to play religiously for church (pun intended) & random jam seshes, but I've finally decided to take music seriously as my career for eternity In the last month, I tasted the Epiphone SG Pro as well as the Fender Telecaster Thinline, however, I realized that I'll never be able to get used to another fret setup other than the SG so I ended up returning them all for the godly Gibson (I just like my left hand being more comfortable around the 16th fret rather than the 12th as all other guitars). I'm looking for recommendations for a luthier AND a guitar technician in Southern California as I'm presented with 2 issues at the moment: 1. D string rings before playing the desired note, other strings play beautifully 2. In need of a setup for baritone B tuning (standard B) & lowering the action ** Luthier for future reference as I've been told that Gibson headstock is very fragile so I'll run into this issue eventually. Trying to weigh my cost & benefit if I should indulge in Guitar Center's 2 year extended warranty for $140... Please let me know! Thank You!!
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