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  1. sorry about the Dates i meant to put 1959 to 1971 end of production, double cutaways started in 1961

  2. Like jim says who are you to believe,everyone must b talk-n out there butt -except- him

  3. Manny i was just stating that you model shown could be earlier than 60,and on the mid 60s to 61 it had seem to me i read somewhere that they had changed style in mid 60s kinda like you could get a new 66 mustang while it is still 65,I had got my info from Gibson Melody Maker- Wikipedia and not from the gibsonvintage.com site where ever that is and accord-n to Wiki MELODY MAKER started in 1959

  4. this model could be a 60s and not a 59 the double cutaway started in mid to early 60s the 59s had a single cut away also, but was called the les paul jr. GIB has a site --google-- GIBSON DATERS PROJECT site this will help you identify year by numbers on back of head stock.
  5. in my opinion and not to be disagreeing wit scales you might have a 59 les paul jr. according to gib website melody makers with double cut away didn't come out until mid 60s it started out as a les paul jr. and by look-n @ the tuners and over all condition (do not refinish) more value in original.i would say its leaning more to the 59 side
  6. PumpJocky tobacco sunburst was in production until the end of 64,65 saw a new larger body style sharper horns and a fat butt at the bottom,along wit a cherry color,this only lasted 1 year for color.
  7. Mr Toner S/G started in 1970 when it replaced the

    gibson melody maker if you do not knoe the date there is several ways to.Gibson has a site GIBSON daters project that you can google this will tell you how to date serial no.on back of head stock another way is to remove the back cover containing volume/tone pods they will have a code no.stamped Guitologist on youtube could give some hints?

  8. try rosa string works on youtube he has made several one of a kind guitars i'm sure he has a contact section on his site?

  9. Austin sorry bout that is was try-n to find pics on the brief description block your friend that said J-50 is most likely right as of what to do

  10. Austin wheres the pics? ( member)- Ear Popper

  11. Gasoline flame,check out my post EAR POPPER about Melody Makers,i have had two of them and did a lot of research on this subject there seems 2-b-not a lot of melody makers in this cat.

  12. rfori i would go with a replace neck deal say from warmoth or your guitar guy or try and take it on yourself to save money Rosa string works on youtube shows you how to plus remov-n all the not suppose-2-b-there screws and remove-n fret board could wind up cost-n more than the neck replacment

  13. Lizzard dude do you have these pics posted with your description page?

  14. sorry about your dad mine also just passed a year back you need to list a little bit more info on subject ACOUSTIC/ELECTRIC-single/double cutaway/etc.the best way is to take a pic and post it in your description area that way others can look

  15. F/E on regaurds to your S/G look inside where the volume/tone pods are,on back of cap there should (b) a stamped no.in code it has the date they where installed then contact GUITOLOGIST on youtube he can tell you how to decipher

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