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  1. Excellent thanks for this guys! So you think this all checks out!?
  2. It was the serial number that I was a bit puzzled with as well mate! I’ve never seen anything start with an ME before. It’s not billed as a ‘63 - just a 2013 Memphis model!
  3. The ‘Made in USA’ sign at the back of the headstock is throwing me off. As is the case a little bit. But I’m no expert. https://www.gumtree.com/p/guitar-instrument/gibson-memphis-335-dot-2013.-selling-for-1500-pounds.-rarely-played-good-condition/1341484401 Over to the pro’s! Thanks in advance!
  4. Hello all! Recently joined here and was looking to gain a bit of your advice. I currently have the opportunity to get either a 1980 Walnut SG Standard or a 2016 '61 Reissue for roughly the same price - £1200 for the 80s Standard, £1150 for the '61. I know these will be different beasts but I was really just wanting to see if there is a clear winner on what guitar is a better buy. Both guitars check out; no neck breaks, pots are fine, truss rod is all good etc. I've heard Gibsons in the 80s weren't always the best - however being more Fender inclined up until now I don't really have the best knowledge on past SGs. Nor do I know if the 80s Gibsons rumour is just a myth. I've attached a picture of the '80, and I'm sure you'll all be aware of what the '61 Reissue is. Really just want to know what's a better shout and where is my money better placed? Many thanks in advance! D
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