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  1. I replaced the circuit board, pots & 3 way switch on my LP. I tried to do it myself but of course screwed it up. Before the upgrade, everything worked like a standard LP wiring except for useless tone controls. Now after my tech fixed everything, I have 59 wiring, the tone controls are useful & as an added bonus, the Peter Green mod. The funny thing is my tech said that he didn't do anything different. I am not complaining. The guitar sounds great.
  2. On Fender amps generally input 1 is for single coils & input 2 is for humbuckers. Whatever sounds best for you. Of course I could be wrong.
  3. craigh

    Replacing P100

    Back in the day, there was no such thing as neck pickups & bridge pickups. They were just pickups & they went where ever the assembler placed them.
  4. I prefer The Beatles version of Rock 'N Roll music over Chuck's version & Also the Stones live version of Carol over Chuck's.
  5. I keep my cats away from the cut string ends. Also I try to keep them away from open cases. My son had one of his cats pee in a guitar case.
  6. I'll put in my 2 cents. I had an Epiphone LP standard plus top. Beautiful looking guitar. Recently played a 2011 LP Traditional & a 2013 60's tribute with humbuckers. They both blew away the Epi. Sound, playability, you name it. I traded in the Epiphone for tne 60's tribute.
  7. I once read that it was rented & Eric requested a 50's model but they didn't have any, so he played a 60's model. Craig
  8. Make sure the pu cover is properly soldered. I had a Casino where the pu cover wasn't properly soldered. Looked just like yours. Craig
  9. According to guitar dater: Your guitar was made at the Nashville Plant, TN, USA May 31st, 2007 Production Number: 15 Does it say Made in USA on the back of the headstock? Craig
  10. It does look nice. Les Pauls do look better with binding. Craig
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