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  1. I replaced the circuit board, pots & 3 way switch on my LP. I tried to do it myself but of course screwed it up. Before the upgrade, everything worked like a standard LP wiring except for useless tone controls. Now after my tech fixed everything, I have 59 wiring, the tone controls are useful & as an added bonus, the Peter Green mod. The funny thing is my tech said that he didn't do anything different. I am not complaining. The guitar sounds great.
  2. On Fender amps generally input 1 is for single coils & input 2 is for humbuckers. Whatever sounds best for you. Of course I could be wrong.
  3. craigh

    Replacing P100

    Back in the day, there was no such thing as neck pickups & bridge pickups. They were just pickups & they went where ever the assembler placed them.
  4. I prefer The Beatles version of Rock 'N Roll music over Chuck's version & Also the Stones live version of Carol over Chuck's.
  5. If you like the poker chip, put one on. If you don't like it, keep it off. I like to keep guitars the way they come from the factory. I like pickguards on Les Pauls but mine came from the factory without one so I'm keeping it that way.
  6. I had a black beauty studio back in the 90's that had an ebony board. Can't remember what year it was.
  7. I keep my cats away from the cut string ends. Also I try to keep them away from open cases. My son had one of his cats pee in a guitar case.
  8. I do have a Marshall Class 5 that my son has "borrowed". Not quite the same but it is a British made Marshall.
  9. What guitar did Eric Clapton play on Disreali Gears to get the classic woman tone. Was it the SG or an LP custom? Weren't the 50's LP custom all mahogany?
  10. I'll put in my 2 cents. I had an Epiphone LP standard plus top. Beautiful looking guitar. Recently played a 2011 LP Traditional & a 2013 60's tribute with humbuckers. They both blew away the Epi. Sound, playability, you name it. I traded in the Epiphone for tne 60's tribute.
  11. What's involved in pulling out the circuit board & making a Gibson into standard point to point wiring. Can I still use the volume & tone pots?
  12. I'll try to get some pictures in a few days. I'm busy tomorrow & tge picture on my phone says the file is too big.
  13. I just picked up a 2013 LP 60's tribute with humbuckers & no pickguard (no holes for a pickguard either), with a black nut & surrounds & Grovers. What pickups were used on this model? Tanks in advance.
  14. I once read that it was rented & Eric requested a 50's model but they didn't have any, so he played a 60's model. Craig
  15. Make sure the pu cover is properly soldered. I had a Casino where the pu cover wasn't properly soldered. Looked just like yours. Craig
  16. According to guitar dater: Your guitar was made at the Nashville Plant, TN, USA May 31st, 2007 Production Number: 15 Does it say Made in USA on the back of the headstock? Craig
  17. It does look nice. Les Pauls do look better with binding. Craig
  18. I agree. Very good idea. Craig
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