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  1. I replaced the circuit board, pots & 3 way switch on my LP. I tried to do it myself but of course screwed it up. Before the upgrade, everything worked like a standard LP wiring except for useless tone controls. Now after my tech fixed everything, I have 59 wiring, the tone controls are useful & as an added bonus, the Peter Green mod. The funny thing is my tech said that he didn't do anything different. I am not complaining. The guitar sounds great.

  2. You must mean Janie Hendrix?


    Interesting because she got Leon cut out of the Hendrix estate some years ago despite his DNA evidence - it is in his book "A Brother's Story".

    I thought that the same court decision also prevented them (the estate) from using the Hendrix signature as a marketing tool - but I could be wrong on that.

    This guitar wasn't even made until at least 20 yrs after Jimi's tragic death.


    From the seller's blurb -

    "Stratocaster signed by Jimi Hendrix brother and fellow Musician, Leon Hendrix.


    I'm helping the estate sell THIS GUITAR to a new home, museum or HARDROCK style restaurant."


    My bold and italics. I will be very surprised indeed if Leon Hendrix wants to help the estate - Hendrix Experience LLC - in any way whatsoever.


    I think this is BS.


    That's who I meant. I don't like her.

  3. I have a Skylark amp that I think is a 1964. It has the 10" speaker & what I think is a strange compliment of tubes 6X4, 6A05A (2), 6C4 & 6EU7. They are RCA's probably the original tubes. Almost destroyed the back panel trying to take it off. The amp was working up to a few months ago. The pilot light works but no sound. Also the tubes are dim & most tubes I've seen glow much brighter. Any idea's? Thanks.

  4. Not sure where to put this. Please move to better forum if needed. I have a RI Princeton Reverb that I picked up as a floor model. To me the trem is weak & I have to have the speed & intensity dialed to 10 to hear any "wobbling". Very different from my '68 Champ. It this normal? Maybe I should replace the tube? Which tube is for the trem? Or replace all tubes? Looking forward to your answers. Thanks.



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