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  1. Mine goes to the last post that I read. Craig
  2. As a diehard & long suffering Met fan, as long as the (the evil empire) yankees get knocked out ASAP. Craig
  3. Nice. Good luck with her. The only raw power LP I've ever saw was on Plainview, LI. Craig
  4. The dude was right about the Eagles. Craig
  5. The one time I was in Boston many years ago, I spent all afternoon in Faneuil Hall drinking. Craig
  6. I'm going to Boston in a week & a half. What good guitar stores should I visit? Also a good steak house? Craig
  7. Towards the end of his life, he played a Les Paul. Craig
  8. I never played an Inspired by but I had a Korean & Chinese Casino & they were both junk. My Revolution Casino is one of the best guitars I ever played. My son won't give it back to me. Craig
  9. Some of them are cool like Damien's cat. Some are so annoying I need to block them with my hand. Craig
  10. I have a '63. But no pictures at this time. Nice amp. To me she sounds better with humbuckers than with P-90's. Craig
  11. Those ES-150's did not have any serial numbers. They had FON numbers stamped into the upper bout. Aside from the serial number it looks legit & two tuning keys look as if they were replaced. Craig
  12. My E string always sounds dead unplugged but sounds ok plugged in. Craig
  13. There is no such thing as a good rapper. Craig
  14. Good song, nice guitar work & I like her voice. Craig
  15. I'm going to the Cardiologist Tuesday. Hopefully he'll say I can lift up to 10 lbs & drive my car. Right now I'm playing my Breedlove acoustic & Hofner bass. Craig
  16. I like the 12 step program except for 1 thing. I feel I do not need an R9. I love my R8. Craig
  17. If I had the medical clearance to lift more than 5lbs, I would play one of my Les Paul's today. Craig
  18. I never saw the London Howlin' Wolf Sessions with a b&w cover. I wonder if it's a white label? Great album. Craig
  19. Never did & never will. Craig
  20. A Frosty is a very thick chocolate shake from a fast food joint called Wendy's. Craig
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