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  1. The secret is in the lighting. I wish I was able to do better also. Craig
  2. Come on, at least spell his name properly. It's TOWNSHEND not Townsend. It's DALTREY not Daltry. It's ENTWISTLE not Entwhistle. The Who get no respect. To this day no one can spell their names properly. Also it's Kenney Jones, not Kenny Jones. Craig
  3. According to Gibson's website "medium/jumbo" fret wire & 12" radius. Craig
  4. I must be the only person that prefers LP's with the pickguard. Craig
  5. I say all 3. But check intonation first. Craig
  6. Anyone have an idea when the new Marshall Class 5 comes out in the USA? It sounds like a great amp. Craig
  7. There are Gibson labeled Grovers that are exact fit. Craig
  8. I like Monk alot, but I've only seen 2 or 3 episodes this season. Craig
  9. I don't think I have an accent. Everyone else has one! LOL Craig
  10. Looks like the "pearl" plastic position markers on the 3rd & 5th frets are crooked. Craig
  11. Canyons Of Your Mind-The Bonzo Dog Band. The worst guitar solo ever. Craig
  12. craigh

    My LP

    I just picked her up Monday. Craig
  13. craigh

    My LP

    It's a standard CS case as far as I Know. Craig
  14. craigh

    My LP

    06 '58 VOS plaintop
  15. I just picked up a CS 1958 plain top LP. I was told that Gibson would know if the fingerboard is Braziliazn rosewood. Any ideas? Craig
  16. I always liked the smaller batwing pickguard. I think the large pickguard is hideous. Craig
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