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  1. 45 years ago, I was supposed to get a free kite from Travelers Insurance. I'm still waiting. Craig
  2. It's real. A real fake. Craig
  3. I'm convinced Yoko is the mastermind behind John's murder. Craig
  4. Got to play bass left handed to be accurate. Craig
  5. You just pulled the tubes out & got them tested. Didn't bother wearing special gloves etc. Craig
  6. It looks exactly like a 60's Hagstrom that someone put a Gibson logo on. I used to own one. Craig
  7. It looks like A 60's Hagstrom that someone put a Gibson logo on. I had one back in the day. Same pickups & same neck plate attachment. Craig
  8. Am I the only one that likes the shroud? I think it adds a touch of class. Craig
  9. Crosby, Stills & Nash used the Nashville tuning on Suite: Judy Blue Eyes. Craig
  10. May you stay forever young - Happy Birthday Bob. Craig
  11. John was misquoted. He was talking about the decline in church attendance. It's TOWNSHEND. I'm sick & tired of people misspelling Townshend, Daltrey & Entwistle. Craig
  12. I forgot about Crossroader. Great song. Theme From An Imaginary Western is still my favorite Mountain song. Craig
  13. craigh

    love story

    Play My Generation & smash the fake up. Craig
  14. Keef might have played bass on Jumping Jack Flash. I seem to remember that in that era he played alot of the bass lines. I know he played bass on Live With Me. Craig
  15. I have a Breedlove acoustic, but I love my Gibsons. Craig
  16. Hmmmmm my SG will be too heavy. My ES-150 being an archtop hopefully should be light enough. Craig
  17. I'll be sitting down to play, but to lift an LP off the stand is too heavy at least for a few more weeks. I don't want to strain my ribcage. Craig
  18. I just had open heart surgery & can't lift more than 5 lbs so my Les Pauls are out of the picture for now. I have a Revolution Casino & can't find any info on the weight. Being hollow bodied it's light, but is it under 5 lbs? Thanks. Craig
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