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  1. Bathrooms have great acoustics. Craig
  2. Buy one & do what Paul McCartney did. Pop the nut & put a new one in cut for a lefty. Craig
  3. I got a great deal. Under 3 with tax. Craig
  4. It's about time for a Frank Zappa tribute. Craig
  5. Brand new. I was the first to plug her in & play her Craig
  6. The toasters have a low output. They are suppossed to be like John's. The 5th knob is a "fine tuner" for tone. I find it very useful on the 325, but not as useful on my 360/12. Craig
  7. She's a 325C64. The neck is comfortable. Getting used to the short scale. The are Rickenbacker Toaster pickups. Craig
  8. Sorry it's not a Gibson. Craig
  9. The lounge is still excruciatingly slow ever since that "flag" was put up. Craig
  10. What was he smoking when he had that vision? Craig
  11. Two Trains Running - Muddy Waters/The Blues Project/Butterfield Blues Band It Takes A Lot To Laugh,It Takes A Train To Cry - Bob Dylan Craig
  12. I have the DVD. My favorite part is with Olivia & Dahni on stage & she says that it's as if George never aged & everyone else did. Great show. Craig
  13. It was a very strange year. LOL Craig
  14. Speaking of Jeff Beck, this is one of my favorites. Craig
  15. According to guitar dater: Your guitar was made at the Nashville Plant, TN, USA May 31st, 2007 Production Number: 15 Does it say Made in USA on the back of the headstock? Craig
  16. I would consider them highly modified Gibson's. Craig
  17. I used to get Guitar Player years ago. I read Vintage Guitar now. Craig
  18. I saw Stefan a few years ago with Danny Kalb & Steve Katz. Craig
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