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  1. Hello Epiphone or anyone here who knows well about DR-100, I just bought an Epiphone DR-100 (Serial number: 18081320643) several days ago at an authorized store in Hanoi, Vietnam. I later found that my guitar did not have the letter "D R" at the head (just near the neck) like in this image: http://images.epiphone.com.s3.amazonaws.com/Products/Acoustic/DR-100/Features/Head.jpg I have checked many images on the Internet and found no Epiphone DR-100 without this. I contacted the dealer and they said that all Epiphone DR-100 in their shops at the moment did not have a "D R" stamp and that it was normal as the batch they got were all like that. I guess the guitar is genuine as it was bought from an authorized shop, but I am afraid it might be second-hand, not brand-new. I have just attached an image showing how my DR-100's head looks. Could you please give me some ideas or explanation about this. Is it normal to get a brand new Epiphone DR-100 that contains no "D R" stamp at the head. Looking forward to receiving an answer soon. Best regards, Chau Do (Mr) - chau.do@live.com
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