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  1. And I still hear guitars in the air as we sat in the sand.
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EUSxabS5_qM http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WDp2mtzKLmo
  3. Roy Buchanan Angus Young Lord Bishop Paul Betts Boddingtons
  4. I have an Orange AD30 valve with no reverb... heres my plan... i have a marshall valve state which is f***ed beyond repair... is there a way to take the spring reverb system off the marshall and fashion it into some sort of pedal/loop to that i can have spring reverb?
  5. My own band has a female vocalist.... shes awsome! i love female vocals.... never been in a band with a male vocalist
  6. An irish elvis impersonator doing dead peoples songs.... the album is called Gravelands http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iR6MNc2yCjs
  7. man im stoked about this new axe. paid a whopping £150 for it.... and it plays better than alot of £1000+ guitars ive owned/played.. heres a pic of one.. Aria GT Series
  8. stainless steel srings? whats the deal with them? can they only be used on guitars with certain kind of frets? ive been using standard strings ever since i started but i have hands like acid....i have to change em alll the damn time haha
  9. you guys will prob hate me for this but.....
  10. never been any drama in my current band, all great guys. we have a female singer and i love her to bits! its great when you all get along!
  11. i said this earlier in the thread :P BOOYAH
  12. Its amazing what the americans can do when Playstation Network is down...
  13. so its either a 63 or 64.... tbh its doesnt seem any different apart from the cosmetics this guitar sounds and plays like butter... im sure it could compete with any gibson 335 or othe rhollow body guitar
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