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  1. Did you tell her that she looked like a beach angel? It might not have been the fuzz pedal...
  2. I'm sure you've done the requisite double-blind study on that... It's good to hear that you've found something that works.
  3. I suspect that Canada might have some odd-ball warranty laws... American cars don't have great warranty coverage in Canada, either. Go out and vote.
  4. True. Because there will still be the Trading Post and Acoustic sections.
  5. My dad has been gone for 27 years now... I still think of him, regardless of when Hallmark says I should. For me, my kids always ask me what I want for father's day - and I usually give them the same answer: I want to be left alone. But this year, I told them that I want expensive gifts. We'll see how that turns out.
  6. I'm waiting for someone to kill a fossilized mammoth so I can get the really good stuff.
  7. The real joke is about the three land surveyors and that other guy... Never mind.
  8. The real question is: What size did you get?
  9. Never been there, huh? The faces face to the West, and it's about as close to Canada as is Portland, Or. I did laugh at the picture, though.
  10. Once again, what are the measurements? And where were you looking? 1-2mm is pretty high for a guitar at the first frets, maybe not too bad a little further into the neck relief. Their link
  11. That's why I use imgur.com. Can't find anything in there after uploading...
  12. I'm with Dem00n on this one - None for me, now or ever, and no earrings, either. Although this is a topic that goes right up there with tone-caps and Tone Rites... Those that have 'em, support 'em - those without, don't. I can spend hours looking at the bad ones on line, though. Laughs for days. I'm sure no one here has any of those.
  13. My P-Bass has the low E string at less than 1mm at the first fret, and not much more than 2 at the 20th... Measure your guitar and tell us how high is too high!
  14. I heard that there's a guy who'll put bumblebees into a Tonerite - makes it that much mellower.
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