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  1. Luis, Please can you help me register Deckadance 2 (DVS version), I had placed an order 3 times just to try and find the .reg file I need to unlock the demo. This is costing a lot of money to unlock something I've technically owned for years!!! I've tried the cakewalk command center and it's not showing as a product there, even though it's listed on their website in 'My Products' along with the serial number. This is incredibly frustrating!! Thank you in advance, beatfeaster.
  2. Hi there, First I know this is the wrong location to post but I'm sick of looking for the information I need so this will have to do. I have been using Deckadance 2 (DVS version) as the demo version (VST in ableton) for years, I simply cannot register it. It gives me the 6 second demo silence and I'm really tired of it. I have paid for Deckadance more than once from the various sites, originally Image line, cakewalk and now I've just re ordered through Steam (this is costing A LOT of money for an unlock!!!!!!) and still I'm having no luck finding the file to unlock the demo. I have downloaded the Cakewalk command center and it's not showing up as a product (despite having it listed under 'My Products' along with serial number. My version of Deckadance has no other option that to open a .reg file, which I have never received. Please can someone help? Luis Serrano just seems to PM people and not give any advice, if he or someone else could help I'd be very grateful. Thanks, beatfeaster.
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