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  1. Yes, I've shimmed my ES-330 quite a bit. It's easy to do and it really helps with the bridge pickup. No reason not to spend the $20: https://www.lollarguitars.com/accessories/shim-pack-for-dogear
  2. I had a 339 in my possession for a bit, my friend wanted to sell it to me so I auditioned it for a few weeks. I couldn't get along with it at all. I found it totally uninspiring. Now, anyone else might feel differently, of course, but I will echo what I read here, the only reason for a 339 that I can see is that it's physically smaller than the 335 classic shape. It doesn't bring anything sonically to the table. I never did an A/B test, but I feel that the 339 doesn't really bring anything new to the table.
  3. Larry Mal

    Gibson Es335

    It's worth around 2,000- 2,200.
  4. Well, they are doubling the size of the Bozeman factory, so that should indicate some confidence. I also notice in an article that Cesar from Gibson (forget the gentleman's last name) said that they had a great year all around, which would make sense. Also let's bear in mind that Gibson's financial problems were not due to the core guitar business being bad- and certainly not because of the greatly overhyped "quality control"- but only because they stupidly invested in peripheral businesses that failed to make money and in fact lost an incredible amount. Gibson as a guitar company
  5. My first good acoustic was a Martin D-1, and I will always have that one. It's living in Nashville tuning now. When I started up with getting acoustics again, I got a Martin 00-17s, it had some quality control issues with it. I later got an 000-18, before the reimagined series, and it was underwhelming to me. I traded it for a J-45. I had also arranged to get a Dove in trade and a J-35, so I was finally starting to realize how great Gibsons were. When I wanted to break away from the Gibson sound, I read about the J-60, and realized that it was basically a Martin D-28 but didn
  6. Necro thread, but the only of those three I own is a Dove. It was actually my first Gibson acoustic, I didn't quite know what to make of it for a while. It certainly was not like what my acoustics had been up to that point. Maybe I'll go play it today.
  7. I have removed the under saddle pickup from eight Gibson acoustics so far. If I get another one I'll do the same. In some cases, it made a tremendous difference to the sound of the guitar. My J-45 is one... it opened right up. On other guitars, it didn't make barely any difference at all. I make no prediction what will happen with yours just because it's a J-45. The action will get lower, and if this is still the stock Gibson setup then you'll probably be happier. If the action is already lowered, you can get a wooden shim from any arts and crafts store for next to nothing, a
  8. Yeah, they are getting rare, huh? Probably a good sign that the people that have them don't want to let them go. The prices are going up, also.
  9. Welcome to the forum! I would not make any strong effort towards that guitar, personally.
  10. I was going to say that this was just what we might call a Dove "Standard", however those specs have a scale length of 25.75" which I think might be a misprint and they wanted to put down 25.5". Regardless, it looks just like my Dove from the early 2000s. An all around great guitar, I got mine on trade and would not easily be able to talk about what is and isn't a good price.
  11. Larry Mal

    2019 ES 335

    I have in my possession a 2019 Dot and a 2018 Traditional. Both are great guitars, one has to be sold. I was at first going to keep the Trad, but it has a thicker neck and I think I prefer the playability of the Dot. I do not detect any compromise in quality between the two guitars, either would be a blessing. Nashville is making great 335s based on what I can see. It's lighter and more resonant than the earlier one. Frankly I might put them both up on Craigslist and sell whichever one goes first. That's how little difference in quality there is.
  12. Yeah, I would agree. Mine is a 2019 Dot, and it's... just amazing. One of those guitars where you think, man, why didn't I just do this to start with all those years ago.
  13. I have an ES-335 being delivered to me today also. Let's compare notes!
  14. The value of them can be a little all over the place, since they made the J-100 over the years with a wide variety of woods. I paid about $1k for my J-100 which has bubinga. The maple ones usually go for more than that, I guess folks that can't shell out for the J-200 will pay around $1500 for the maple. The mahogany ones seem to live in between those, and the rosewood I have no idea. I'd guess it would sell for around $1400-1600.
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