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  1. Hey I have a 74 Les Paul custom with T Tops and Bill Lawrence L500 lead and rhythm pups. I can split coil the BL pups but I'm after a wiring diagram to split the T Tops. Can anyone help me here?
  2. I was just ready to hit the send button to Gibson when I thought I better have another look at the pot numbers. This time I completely de soldered them and cleaned them up. 137743 now becomes 1377437. That makes it a 1974 Gibson Les Paul Custom 20th Anniversary model. Whoohoo. Big smiles all round.
  3. Tried that. Just added to the confusion. This is what I got so far. Serial number stamped on back of headstock is 398733, suggesting a 1974 or 1975 vintage. Under the serial number is Made In USA. Now is where it gets weird. Pots are 70-026 being 300K. 137743 means it was made by CTS. 743 means the pot was made in 1977 in the 43rd week. But it has a 6 digit serial number, not 7. So it could not have been made in 1977. Pups are T Tops. I measured them at 7.38k. Is it possible they assembled the guitar and not added wiring until a few years later. Or possibly said let's assemble any left overs and wire them up and sell them. Wish I had a dollar for every set of Boomers this girl has seen.
  4. Hey Thought I'd sign up and hopefully get an expert to tell me when my guitar was made. It's a 20th anniversary Les Paul Custom. Made sometime in the 70's. I bet that cleared half the room. What a nightmare period. Anyway, I bought this beast 2nd hand in the early eighties. I changed the tuners to Schallers and the pups to Bill Lawrence R500/L500. It now needs new pots, bridge, tuners blah blah blah. A big project to say the least. Cheers
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