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  1. Hey hooper - In case you want to speed up the aging process and add some darker hue to those tuners, you can always do the famous shoe-polish trick : Wrap them in cloth with brown paste and let them sleep over night. If it's not enough, give some extra hours.


  2. Thanks guys! I was leaning toward keeping the plastic ones on there -- I will for sure keep them now!
  3. Proud new owner of a 2004 Gibson J45 Cherry Burst. Love love love it!!! The tuners on it are Klusons with plastic buttons (which are fine). I happen to have an extra set of Kluson with pearl buttons hanging around from my 1997 Les Paul that I put Grovers on. My question is, should I change out the plastic ones for the pearl ones? Would it be purely aesthetic? Or would the added weight make any tonal difference?
  4. Any thoughts on the Fishman UST vs. LR Baggs Element? I know the LR Baggs has the volume wheel... I would most likely use a para DI regardless. Thanks!
  5. I've been looking at a few different used Gibson J-45's (a 1996 mahogany and a 2004 cherryburst) on eBay. I was wondering if there is any significant difference in the pick-up installed in these guitars versus a brand new j-45 (L.R. Baggs Element?). Thanks!!! Any other opinions on these (mahogany sound a lot different?) would also be welcome!
  6. Just curious if there were any major manufacturing/pick-up changes on the current J-45 Standard vs the 2009 version. Anyone know? Or are they identical? Thanks!!
  7. Gibson said that the '59 necks have an extra "9" for the model # on the COA -- ES3399 (then the finish code). Guitar Center has all their "50's necks" miss marked from what I have seen in the Los Angeles area.
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