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  1. Hi, I'm glad I found this forum because I have millions of questions. I've owned two Gibson USA Les Pauls and enjoyed them very much. However, being young and stupid at the time I owned these guitars, I sold them both at different times. Once to make rent and the other just to have the money I needed to party during spring break. When I owned those guitars I had just started to learn how to play. I became... something south of a mediocre player. After those two amazing guitars I owned an American made Strat.. didn't really like the feel, And (don't ask my why) Some kind of Ibanez, the model of which escapes me because it was totally unremarkable. In 2006 I developed a hankering for another Les Paul. But, fresh out of college and underpaid, that just wasn't going to happen. So, I decided to try an Epiphone Les Paul. This guitar is the amazing. The best guitar I've ever played. It feels, looks, and sounds great. It certainly proved to me that I didn't have to spend 3K to own a great sounding guitar. I still love and respect the Gibson USA Les Pauls but my heart belongs to my black Epi. Because I loved playing so much, my skills advanced rapidly and I became interested in genres of music that I never would explored otherwise. I dedicated myself to learning the blues and, while I;m no virtuoso, I can hold my own. I owe it all to that Epi Les Paul. I have one issue that I need to resolve and I think this might be the place to get some answers. I know when and were it was manufactured but I'm embarrassed to admit that I don't know what model it is. I'm going to post some pics in the hope that someone cann fill me in. I would post more but there's a restriction on how many pix I can upload in my first post.Thanks for reading!Matt
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