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  1. Tusq sounds different to me and not in a good way. That means nothing, really, because many claim to hear no difference with pin changes, and those of us who distinguish a change are pretty subjective.
  2. It's an LG-2 3/4. I own one of its 1954 litter mates.
  3. Don't exactly have calluses, just extremely thick skin on my fingertips. Been like that for many years.
  4. Bought my Guild D-35SB new in 1978 - still own it and it's still going strong. More Gibson than Martin sounding for sure.
  5. They're excellent straps. Great leather and craftsmanship at a decent price. Also, good length w/plenty of adjustment.
  6. Tom - I'm so sorry to hear this. Be strong, my friend.
  7. New format - had to reregister. Bummer.
  8. New format. I'm too old for this....
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