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  1. Looks like winnies is a 000 body. Mine a 00. Both made by Harmony in the 30's sounds like. By the way, how do i delete old photos...maxed out on my MB's. Thanks
  2. You are correct zombywoof. Late 1930' s Harmony 00 Size, hump on headstock and all. I guess they put out some fairly decent guitars while Joe Kraus was still in charge. My "bearclaw" spruce top was probably considered budget spruce back in the 30's. Hog back and sides, rosewood fingerboard were the norm back them too, I would imagine. They could at least have done some nice marquetry around the sound hole!
  3. That is cool. Not many around. Same slotted headstock? Here's what I arrived at: Harmony guitars bought out Schmidt Brothers guitars of New Jersey sometime in the mid-to-late 30s Schmidt Brothers at the time had a contract with Coast music of California to make guitars which were badged Henry L Mason. from what I understand the identifying mark of a Schmidt Brothers guitar is the angled fretboard at the sound hole, which mine has and maybe yours does too. what we think is harmony collected all the old Schmidt Brothers parts fretboards soundboards slab mahogany spruce tops etc and put these nice Martin style 00's together to finish the order. shortly thereafter Gibson took over providing guitars for Coast music of California
  4. These came off a 1935 Gibson L1. I believe they're Ebony. Unslotted. Got them off this site, and wanted to shave them down but couldn't bring myself to destroy original 30's parts. Dimensions as follows: Total length 1 3/32". Taper width across is 3/16 to 1/4. MOP 1/8. $20 each, $30 for 2. 5 available.
  5. Zombywoof. I think you are correct about the Schmidt connection here's a picture of the neck heel, slanted. Most definitely a 1930s neck and the paint job and wear patterns would indicate that the guitar was made this way, as pictured not pieced together in the 60s. Just read a Blog on Jake Wildwood's website on the harmony Vogue b, 1935 that he had for sale. which could very well be the basis of this guitar with a slotted neck. basically he said the slotted the Vogue B was a direct copy of the Martin oo. And I know Martin made a slotted neck 14 maybe that's what they were going after. it all lines up what do you think here's a pic of the angled neck at the heel
  6. Zombywoof...that is great information! Yep, thousands of hours cowboy chords for sure. I'll try and post some clearer pictures. I guess I need to post pic on some other site and share URL for larger file sizes. I might have to get a small mirror inside and see what the ladder bracing looks like too. It is surprisingly an easy guitar to play.
  7. As I said earlier slab mahogany back. this guitar has alot of strumming on it! I do not know its history. But look at the wear on the neck under the first few frets also where the previous owner set it on their thigh. whoever made it it's still plays amazingly well.
  8. I see similarities... here is a full shot of my guitar. similar dots on the first three as is the badge on the headstock. darn good question. my next post, I will flip the guitar over and shoot the back side. Here is an interesting clue: the sound hole is quite small on my guitar, 3 3/4. Dimensions: Total length 39 1/2, scale 25", upper bout 10 1/2, lower bout 14 3/4. 14 fret clear of body.
  9. Yep...doesn't look like those. Probably not a gibson then...might be Regal. But no record of any other Henry L Masons being built after 1940 that I can find. FYI: HL Mason of Mason and Hamlin fame was revered by church folks he started with organs. Big pentecostal revivals in LA in the late '30's...all about marketing!
  10. Thanks Tom...could be made by another company. Will look that brand up. Found this guitar in Los Angeles, hence the CMC connection. Here are specs: ladder-braced solid Spruce top, slab mahogany back and mahogany sides. Large V baseball bat neck with 4 MOP dots. Top edge binding only. 4-ply (vinyl?)rimming soundhole. 25" scale, 14 frets to body. (Also 14 3/4 lower bout). Ramped and slotted bridge with very tiny unslotted ebony bridge pins. Slotted headstock with black tuners. The maker mystery continues...I guess!
  11. As far as its maker, the number inside fell within the manufacturer orders listed in the gibson production book for Coastal Music years 1939 to 1940. (Branded as Henry L. Mason, sold to CMC and built by Gibson from '37 to 1940. ) I have not found a Mason brand instrument outside of those years. Also, from what I have researched, most of these came without a pickguard. Has a pretty comfortable baseball bat neck!
  12. Well, I have very nearly, but with reservations established this as a branded Gibson Henry L. Mason, late 30s ladder braced L00 model made for Coastal Music of California, a huge retailer on the west coast. Had my good friends at McCabe's music in Santa Monica bring it back to life for me ! However, I have never seen this style of pickguard on any of the other branded Gibson models like the Kalamazoo or the Stewart. It is screwed on, not glued. what do you think guys? did the previous owner add this after the fact let me know what you think. It's been on there for quite a while. but I am thinking of having a custom-made firestripe style as a replacement with the same hole configuration. Maybe it was made by another manufacturer...give me your welcome input
  13. Thanks to one of our fine members jedzep, I need only one and a spare for my restoration. OEM ebony, small pearl dot, unslotted to match the 5 pictured. Anyone have a couple to sell? From an L1, L0 or L00 30's/40s Gibson. Thanks
  14. I also saw a mandolin with same name...all from late 30s.Thanks for the help. Will post there. It probably came with plastic pins and my three are not original anyway. Might try and make them myself with a woodworking pal.
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