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  1. Thanks for the thoughtful replies. My goal in the past has been 5/64 E and 1/16th e. I "think" the conversions would be about 0.08 E and 0.06 e. I will get a local shop to do the 1st. set-up and I would expect them to ask me what my preferred target is. Your input has helped, thanks again
  2. Because of physical issues with my hands that are probably due to advancing age, I play more comfortably with the action set on the low side with custom light 11 strings. I have put the 11's on my J-45 Studio and it has really helped me and the guitar still sounds great. I am considering tweaking the action a bit lower but I don't want to create the dreaded buzzing when strummed aggressively that I have experienced with some of my other guitars (not Gibson's). Anyone had any experience with set-ups with 11's? My string height at the 12th fret is between 6/64 and 7/64 for E, and 3/32 for e. Thanks for any input,
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