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  1. Have a 79 L-5 CES that was stored in the case for most of it's 40 years. Collector owned it, didn't know any better I guess. So now I own it and get to replace all the gold screws, PU rings, covers, bracket, etc. Others here say this process will never stop. My question is why? If its NOT stored in the case and placed in a correctly humidified area, can this original pickguard not be used with all new gold hardware? It does have kind of a cool look. Admittedly, it is a pain and not very fun to have to track down all of these parts. I do believe that Gibson themselves should, knowing this is an issue, make it easier for players/owners to gather these by offering new/old stock on their site. They do not. They also will not reveal the vendor they use for pickguards on L-5s that are currently being made. Nor do they stock archtop pickup rings or covers known to be affected on these top of the line F-hole models of vintage age. So my only option is to replace this pickguard with a more modern one? Is everyone SURE about that? Thanks, W
  2. I'm currently having this exact same issue. 79 L-5 CES. Both PU rings melted, all screws corroded, PU covers corroded, pickguard bracket corroded, etc. Luckily the guitar's finish was not. A collector left this one in its case for almost all of its 40 years. So now I get the pleasure and pain of restoring the gold metal parts. Not fun and not amusing. So those of you here say this pickguard will continue this off-gassing? Why will it not ever stop? Seems that it can only put off so much of this gas and then it would be done. Mine has a spiderweb sort of look to it like below. So are you sure I cant replace all the metal parts, reuse my pickguard and just NOT store it in a case?
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