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  1. If a Norlin era Hummingbird has one good thing going for it ...it`s a well fastened pick guard !
  2. Now a triple pick guard would be impressive !
  3. Hey ,welcome to the group . Gibson did indeed use up the old pick guards and fill the drilled hole with a bit of bling . You had a rare Bird there ,a transition piece for sure . Sad to hear it was stolen . Enjoy your new one .
  4. Hey all , i have been wanting a 12 fret for a while ,Gibson has a few options . Southern Jumbo ,J 45 ,both with 1.72 nut width . Then there is the Smeck ...1.82 nut ,mahogany back and sides . Is this wider neck a challenge for a player who is accustom to the narrower nut width ? Thanks .
  5. Whats a few hundred bucks ? I`m having a hoot ! I bought this guitar being advertised as a 1950 ,i knew immediately by looking at the rectangular bridge it was older than that . This was the sellers Dad`s guitar which he bought new in 1950 . The owner of the guitar played it right up until his passing in 2018 . I am the second owner now . I have read and researched a pile of Gibson material over the past 25 plus years and never have i read that the Factor Order Batch Number of this era Gibson was hidden away in a safe place . Tom you hit the nail on the head !
  6. Well i`m back . Great conclusive news back from the Gruhn`s Guitar Shop. The stamped number inside the dovetail joint and on the neck dovetail are indeed the Factory Order Batch Number. 2247 ,indicating the year of production 1947 . The contact at Gruhn`s is a well respected appraiser .
  7. I have passed along the O.P. information to Gruhn Guitars .......
  8. Hello ,would i create more views of this post if the Title was more specific to there being numbers stamped inside the dovetail body joint and the end of the neck dovetail ?
  9. Thanks for chiming in Nick ,are the ledgers and their info available on the internet ? Tis a bit of a mystery .
  10. Stamped numbers are located inside dovetail cavity and on the butt end of the dovetail on the neck
  11. Sorry to have not included this info . Both the body and neck have the same number stamped on them . Please feel free to contribute . This is not documented in any vintage Gibson material i have consumed . Thank you .
  12. I to, have never heard of the f.o.n. being placed in the neck joint , the old girl has had the bridge shaved down and there is no other choice but to reset . I had asked my Luthier to send me pics of the operation and ...i somehow made the pic quite large ..dame ...numbers in the neck pocket . This is like finding treasure lol .Is this where Gibson hide those f.o.n during those couple of years ? Thanks ZW for your info.
  13. Hi all ,looking for some info . I have my 47 -48 in for a neck reset ,rectangular bridge with block logo . This guitar does not have a f.o.n. or serial number ....but wait ...my Luther pops off the neck and on the body side of the guitar,inside where dovetail fits is a 4 digit number . 2247. Any info would be great. Thanks .
  14. The only common denominator between a vintage J35 and a reissue 2012 to 2018 is the name ONLY . Please by all means sacrifice the logo .
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