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  1. Hi all , i have a story to tell , My girl and i go out Saturday on a rainy day tree shopping adventure . We visit our local Nursery's and Box stores looking for a deal on marked down trees and other greenery , well a deal we find ....Fruit trees 25 to 50 percent off ...man i`m in my glory , we fill the truck with half a dozen nice specimens . For shits and giggles i suggest we go to the local box guitar -music shop , i am met with a bit of resistance but....if i buy lunch it`s all good . In i go , Lovie stays in the truck listening to the C.B.C radio , i walk in to the glassed
  2. Ahhh tattoos for guitars .. choose your designs carefully friends .
  3. I own a 1994 Western j 45 , it has two pieces of black fabric . One is located on the top upper bout at the curve in the shoulder ,the other is bottom bout , bottom ,also on the curve of the bout . Both pieces are about 5 inches long ,and seem to be under the kerfing .
  4. I do consider 3 pound 13 oz light . Sunday June 6th 2021 is it`s birthday .. How about ,play the guitar ,enjoy the guitar ,let it acclimate to its surroundings .....then find the best Luthier around for a good set up and strap pin install. How does it sound and play ? Congratulations !
  5. Very good points Jazzman . I think Al has entered the Rabbit Hole lol .
  6. Hey E-Minor , i am o.k with the irritation caused by the adjustable saddle bolt head , it is what it is . It plays well and has a tone all of it`s own , laminated Brazilian ,Maple back and sides . The video above sure is a well made insert though . Thanks.
  7. Hey Dustbowl ,welcome to the site . I own a late 60`s Gibson Blue ridge with adjustable saddle .....I also find the bolt head on the adjustable saddle an irritant . My palm is constantly in contact with it . That is the nature of the beast with that design , if you wanna swap it out that is an option . As far as the guitars tone ,try a swap out of the ceramic saddle with a rosewood one , that should produce a less brittle tone ,perhaps ever warm it up . Best wishes ,it sounds like a real nice piece .
  8. Wow ,that`s great news . She sounds very talented . Just support and embrace her the band members , they are all on a musical journey like the rest of us . You don`t have to like the music to do that.
  9. That is the very guitar in question .
  10. Hello all ,i am trying to gather info . I am looking at a 1993 Gibson J200 VS with a 25.25 scale length. That is a scale that i had not heard of on a Gibson..... Is 25.25 a Gibson scale on a j 200? The guitar has had a neck re-set and the bridge is possibly not original as it lacks ebony inlays . The guitar is priced nicely , but my Spider senses are tingling ,pretty young guitar for a neck set ... Any info would be helpful . Thanks ,hope you folks are all doing your best .
  11. This brings to question value v.s. asking price . Reverb ,Ebay ,Music Exchange all want 1500 to 2500 bucks for one . Is it worth the investment ? I think not . Ask 3 g for it and hope to get a grand .
  12. What Jinder Said . Play the guitar ,enjoy the guitar ,it will get some bumps ,bruises and kisses.
  13. I have been looking at that guitar a few times ...i am in Canada and getting the old girls across the border really up`s the price tag . If it were in Canada i would lay down a serious offer .
  14. Zomby ...you have a poetic way with words . This is perhaps why a person should play the guitar before they buy the guitar .
  15. What a sad tribute guitar for an incredibly accomplished singer, song writer , band leader ,pioneer . Imo... Gibson research and development need to pull their heads out of the clouds....or other places , and get real . That`s not a tribute to Mr .Petty.
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