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  1. Gibson used screws in 67 to attach pick guard as well i do believe .
  2. What size is the replaced bridge plate ? Thickness and dimension ? Not sure how the bracing will differ from 1955 to 62 .. but the bridge pad is certainly a point of interest . Is your replaced pad made of solid maple ? Eighth inch thick thick......1 and 7 sixteenths wide....is the preferred dimension .
  3. Hi there ,my 2 cents worth ...take your guitar to a music shop that sells straps ,put on your mask and go inside and try out the straps until you find a great fit . imo a good strap ....and you are gonna have to pay more than 10 bucks for one , should fit snuggle ,be made of good material ,have leather ends that attach to the end pin and strap button .
  4. Hi ,sorry for being late to the party ...i have a 1999 Gibson Acoustic brochure ...here`s what it says about the j 50 . Classic 1960`s edition with 60`s pickguard. Equipped with transducer pickup .Antique Natural finish . Specs ,24 three quarter scale, Spruce top ,Hog back and sides ,Nickle white button tuners ,Antique Natural finish ,,Historic Belly Bridge,m.o.p dot fret markers ,m.o.p. Bridge dots ,,Rosewood fretboard and Bridge . 1 and 23/32 nut width .
  5. Hey , can you give us some pictures to look at ? The video was short and ....well... not so sweet lol . Judging by the pick guard its a j 45 ....rectangular bridge ...1948 `47 ....pic of head stock wil be a real help.
  6. Justin was a young ,caring ,talented man who wrote beautiful songs through a wounded soul . However hard he tried to get clean the wounds pulled him back under . I wish he was here putting pen to paper , blessing us with his honest story telling songs . I hope Justin is in a place where he can rest comfortably.
  7. Hello Mr .Paul . Do you live in Canada ?
  8. Your shop has an incredible selection of guitars to chose from .....where do you live ?
  9. Hi Dave ,Does your guitar have Made In America stamped under the serial number ? If it does it is from the 70`s
  10. Hello folks ,hope i can find an answer here . I bought a used j 45 ....how can i tell if the pins are bone or Tusq ? Thanks .
  11. That`s a real beauty , i wish guitars could talk and tell their story . Is that a photo you took JC ?
  12. I must say ,the Richlite fingerboard was great , looked great , slick and good feeling ,would never have thought it was a composite of glue and recycled paper or such . The bridge was looking like ebony but i`m sure it wasn`t . Really impressed with the the tone ,fit and finish . It was more toneful than the j 200 and the Bird hanging beside it .
  13. The wood in the rain forests of Brazil and other used and abused countries are not harvested in a sustainable manner . Those forests of timbre, flora and fauna are long long... RBSinto ....you can grow Walnut in your back yard Zone 5 a ...
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