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  1. Action may be a tad high if that is a pix of the new guitar .
  2. Your in shape for the shape your in ...keep working at it ,do you play standing up ? With a strap ? Have you changed you posture while playing ? Relax ,it will come .
  3. Don`t smoke kids ....it`ll kill ya !
  4. The two of you made beautiful music together Tom .
  5. Wow ,that shop must have been cold in the winter and hot as blazes in the summer ! I own a couple that flew from that nest .
  6. I just gotta ask ...Why did you sell your vintage A.J . To own an original 1 of 300 .....some things are just meant to be keep ,family heirlooms i.m.o.
  7. Hey , yeah it took me a few days but....here`s some pics . 1941 j 35 1994 j 45 ...1941 j 35 ...1948 j 45 1975 Hummingbird
  8. First and fifth number in the serial number are the year of the guitar . Smells like more of Gibsons change the name game .
  9. Your covering a lot of sonic space with that wonderful collection of flat tops ! I`ll try to post some pics tomorrow perhaps of my sweeties .
  10. The back of the Roy Smeck is beautiful !
  11. Wonderful singer songwriter . Thanks for sharing .
  12. 10 gauge sawed off double barreled shot gun Hijacking bandit !
  13. I had the pleasure of holding in my hands Tom Wilsons j45 ...Tom Wilson of Junkhouse and Blackie and the Rodeo Kings .,i flip the guitar over and the body has a centre seam ,and the perfling round the sound hole not looking like that of a 57 j 45 ,,,this is the year he was told was it`s birth year . The guitar was given to Tom by the late Willie P Bennett`s family . I introduced my self ,by saying ,Tom your a big s.o.b ..and that i was feeling slightly intimidated ....he laughed ,saying he`s a gentle giant from the streets of Hamilton ....Anyhow ,we talked about his guitar`s story , i said ,looks to me like it`s a 57 S.J body ,judging by the f.o.n. and it`s appointments with a grafted j45 neck .. he had no clue ....the thing was sweet , well worn ,had the crap played into it ,sounded great and has written some great songs . Totally my pleasure ...Frank on Frankenstein .
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