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  1. I how most of y’all are long time Gibson players, so let me enter your world a little late. Started playing in early 1960,s but acoustics weren’t the quality then that has become common now. None of the affordable ones could be played  as well as Today’s guitars. Because of this I immediately switched to electric , mainly fender because they were very easy to play. I could not find and acoustic that suited me. Strangely a Vox came close until I played a Gibson Hummingbird. I was like a bolt of lightning had hit me, the sound like no other, the ease of playability, and the look. These Boseman Gibson’s are fantastic, they pull sounds and styles out of you that you didn’t know were in you. I literally can’t put it down, a new sound  every day, they force you to investigate other types of music you might never try. Thank you Gibson for expanding my musical,apperation, and providing a #1 quality instrument to perform on. Gibson is just different from others in a good way!


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