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  1. Same problem here. I have to sign in each time I visit. When I do, the site doesn't accept my password, and locks me out after two attempts. I reset the password, and then the same thing happens on my next log in. Guess I won't be using this forum much anymore....
  2. Neck profile, thuddy bass, and scale length. Nothing else compares.
  3. I may be mistaken, but I believe these are very similar to the model they called the LG2 Americana. You may find info and reviews under that heading. I would love to get my hands on one someday -- congrats on a stellar guitar!!
  4. I've owned one since 2013, and it's just a fabulous do-it-all guitar. For strumming, vocal accompaniment, fingerstyle, blues, whatever -- it's probably the most versatile small-body guitar I've ever played. The neck is not chunky (I kinda wish it was), and the body size is supremely comfortable. Honestly, if the day ever comes where I only keep one guitar, the Eagle will be the one.
  5. LG2 American Eagle, bought new in 2013. Still the favorite.
  6. I appreciate the sentimental desire to have a birth (or any) year guitar, but when a serial number becomes more important than tone and playability, I question the wisdom.
  7. Bill Frisell and Ry Cooder. They elevate traditional roots music to a jazz-like sophistication, without ever sounding like they're showing off. I am always in awe of their taste and restraint.
  8. With its thinner body depth and walnut construction, I think the J-45 Studio is sort of Gibson's answer to the 314 -- that is, a less expensive version of the next model up. So why not get something that fills another niche than the one your Taylor already covers? How about a small body, a Jumbo, or a 12-string?
  9. LG2 American Eagle. Working on an original in open D tuning. Nice!
  10. The bridge lift would concern me. Are there other problems (like loose braces) under the hood, perhaps?
  11. I always write with the chord progression first, then apply a melody to it, then mumble some syllables, then try to translate the mumbles into words. The melody part usually comes pretty easily, but when it doesn't, I try to find a note within each chord to aim for, then string together notes from the previous chord "target" note to the next chord's target note. It's not efficient, and I vastly prefer the divine intervention method, but I've had good results with it from time to time.
  12. As a singer/songwriter looking for a small-bodied Gibson, I went through this same decision process a few years ago, and ultimately decided on an LG2 American Eagle instead of the L-00. It has the small body comfort, but the LG2 is a much better strummer IMO, and comes very close to a J-35 in terms of tone. It's no slouch as a fingerstyler, either.
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