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  1. Good afternoon, I am in a situation where I will either be purchasing a new 2019 Gibson ES-335 or a 2014 Limited edition ES-355. The 355 seems like a great deal at only around £400 more than the new 335's are selling for, however I cannot seem to find any means for comparison online. The 2018 355 seems to sell for a lot more so I was wondering whether that was an indication that the 2014 run was sub standard? I really like the look of the 355 but ultimately sound/feel comes first. I've been made aware that the 2014 model has a Richlite fretboard rather than a true ebony one which I wonder may be hitting the value. It will not be possible to try the 355 before buying given its location (and understand the risks around this) but does £2800 for a 2014 Gibson ES-355 in mint condition seem like too good an offer to refuse? Liam
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