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  1. Hi, congratulations on your new guitar. I also work in Kuwait and have about 35 (40 plus including the ones outside) guitars here including the below listed Gibsons: Firebird VII Les Paul Goldtop R7 Les Paul Studio Melody Maker ES 335 Custom Edition ES 335 ES 135 Sheryl Crowe Signature I keep mine in their cases and also have air conditioning but don't go to the extremes that you have, should I? Touch wood, but I haven't had any real problems so far, albeit I did have a problem with leakage once from my air con but thankfully no guitars were anywhere near it.
  2. Thank you for being big enough to correct yourself. The information was gladly received. I decided to buy the R7
  3. You may well be arrogant but you should learn to read, I wasn't asking your advice on how to buy a guitar I was asking for people's opinions of the guitar......you're self absorbed man.
  4. I bought my son a traditional for Christmas....it is a beautiful guitar.
  5. Thanks to those that got the gist of what I was asking, as for the arrogant and rather patronizing tone of the other, well I couldn't give a toss what he thinks of my enquiry. I own about 25 electrics including 5 Gibsons and I know that they differ. I also know when they feel right for me but I was asking for players views, it is a guitar site after all......no wonder this place is as dead as a do do with posters like this guy.
  6. I haven't got a clue what the hell you're talking about.
  7. Thanks for your assistance and objective views on the guitars mentioned, it was gratefully received........Good god.....
  8. Would anyone be able to give an estimate on their values? The Goldtop is a 2005 and I think that the Custom is a 2010? They are both in excellent condition?
  9. I'm thinking of buying one or the other off a guy and I am curious as to people's pros and cons and views as to which is the better guitar?
  10. I have two, a 2005 satin and a 1985 Custom Shop Edition
  11. ReaL Madras


    I picked up this little beauty two days ago, it is a 1985 Custom Shop Edition Gibson ES 335 in tobacco burst....this GAS must alleviate now! :-)
  12. I've got a decent collection of guitars but I was buying a pod xt live second hand off a guy and he a had a Samick Les Pauldl copy which he threw in for free as part of the deal. Anyone know much about them?
  13. ReaL Madras

    ES 135

    Not many threads on here about them.....I have an ebony one and I love it.
  14. Can anybody advise what the key differences are between these three guitars? Furthermore, what was the retail price for a Vegas Standard and how much are they second hand now? I've tried to find out on the internet without much success. Thanks in advance.
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