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  1. I need your opinion if you have any experience of both pickups set. I have a gibson lp classic 1990 with classic 57. I am thinking of replace them in something more clear and bright specially for the neck. Any opinion for the bareknuckle mules . Are better than 57s? Which pickups you think the best paf replicas?
  2. I have a 1990 les paul classic one from the first classis. I think that the original pickups are not so vintage for my blues rock taste. My problem always with lps is the a little bit muddy bassy neck. What pickups do you think are the best for vintage blues sounds? Classic 57 or to go for sd seth lover o- antiquities or wizz for my lp? Your opinion would be very helpful
  3. I have the same amp settings in my deluxe reverb. 10 treble and no bass and mid. I also use a roland jazz chorus which is crystal clear. May be i am fan of solid state amps for cleaner sound. I have learned from a technician of Bloomfields live shows that he had the same amp settings. Thats why i suppose except for his fingers the reason of that sound may be that lp 59 which was exceptional..I also like a lot and the Beano lp. By the way both of them are lost...and their myth in my mind becames bigger and bigger... Best regards from Crete -Greece
  4. Thank you very much Pip for you precious help! I appreciate..
  5. The lp sound of Mike in Super session (That is the album made me great fan of les paul sound ) is very characteristic...Not like others lps of that era such as Beano Clapton 's Page lp Kossof lp etc..which are really close I can immitate with my lp std 98 via tubescreamer ts9 and deluxe reverb all these except for Bloomfield's..Ok may be was his fingers but also that particular guitar. I have played about 10 collectors choice lps also a refinished 54 gold top with pafs but again i wasnt so close.. The bloomfields reissue 2009 to my ears is just a good lp..
  6. I want your opinion about the sweet trebly sound of Mike Bloomfield. Classic 57, seth lover or pearly gates you think are better to achieve that sound? He used no pedals and the lp was straight to the cranked super reverb. Except for his hands you think that also so special was and his lp 59? It had a unique and characteristic sweet trebly sound that i can not find it in new les pauls...
  7. I would like to ask about your experience in original les pauls of 59 year. Do all these lps of that era sound great or it a myth and some of them are not so good? Do you think that the main reason of that great sound was the original PAFs or the good wood era? Which nowadays paf clone you think is very close to the original pafs?Here in Greece its impossible to see or play and of course to buy an original 59 lp...
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