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  1. Yeah mean even with the different angles you can see the difference.
  2. Yeah man totally its really due to personal preference and i totally agree it is all To do with the neck for me also, I’ve still got a korean lp from when i was 16 and its my go to guitar wouldn't even trade it for a gibson just have that bond with it n its really only due too the neck. My preferences i like the imperfections with guitars my Koreans have different imperfections to one another gives them a-bit character although my tribute is a cracking looking epiphone and you can feel how well put together it is if that makes sense.
  3. Yeah totally get you man. Ive had 3 Chinese les Paul's in the last few years and played a few others but now I’ve limited it down to the 1 the 60s tribute and that sits in its case most the time cause like you said the korean necks just feel Alot more organic, they feel effortless to play compare to the Chinese ones.
  4. Yeah i see I’ve heard this from a few folk about the korean made epis I’ve had 4 or 5 in my time and the necks have always been a lot better than the Chinese epis and i suppose thats the main thing for me. Have a nice 60s tibute epi and my old korean neck blows it out the water.
  5. Hey man thanks for the input i knew about the sticker serial numbers just wasn't sure how far that went back, yeah the tuners look to new to be from back then, and yeah it plays lovely and thats the main thing . The guy a i bought it from did say it was made in the samick factory.
  6. Yeah man I’m taking it for a set up and so the guitar tech can have a look, to be honest it was pretty stupid of me buying it with no serial number but in my mind i was certain it was a korean made epi from the 90s with a sticker for a serial number, I’m no expert on the fakes but the guy seemed genuine and was in his house extra not that that goes for anything. Thanks for the input man i will lift the pups but not really sure what I’ll be looking for. Ive had pups replaced and stuff but never lifted them myself.
  7. Yeah I'm sure its a standard but even then not 100 percent sure.
  8. I could lift the pups if you can tell that way I'm really not sure the control knobs line up straight i could put up some more pics
  9. I know some if the korean epis from the 90s had a sticker as a serial number which often pealed off this is why I’m not sure. Although you cant see in the pics the pots have the same writing on them my other epi from back then has on them, yeah the tuners although are the exact same as my other one defo doesn’t look right I’m really not sure should the pups say anything particular on them underneath
  10. http://s1160.photobucket.com/user/chughes271/media/F4CDCA2D-8B6D-4ABA-917C-BCEFEA8E63C8_zpscwceukcg.jpeg.html][/URL
  11. http://s1160.photobucket.com/user/chughes271/media/30FE4E1B-A3FC-4E3E-BD3A-87EFAEBC5CDD_zpsqfmlppoh.jpeg.html][/URL
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