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  1. Thanks, thats about the price range I was expecting, I had a guy offer me one for trade and saw the prices varied quite a bit. I was asking $1,500 for the guitar he offered to trade his traditional for, so I guess I couldn’t expect to get more than that out of his LP
  2. Like the title says, I’m looking to find how much I could expect to sell a 2015 gibson Les Paul traditional w/ OHSC thats all original in very good/ excellent shape, cherry burst? I apologize if this is the wrong area for this topic, or if this type of question is not allowed. Thanks
  3. If your looking for one of those actually, go for the $2500 one, its older, you can tell by the double soundhole purfling, which ended sometime during ‘62. All J45s came with an ADJ bridge starting in ‘61, before that it was optional, and I believe mine is ceramic, not plastic. Later ‘60s J45s had thicker “tone altering” pickguards, and eventually they even put plastic bridges on them, not just saddles! My ‘61 J45 I acquired last week or two has a 1 23/32” nut. I believe sometime after ‘61 (haven’t been able to pinpoint when yet) the braces got beefed up more and got a plywood bridge plate, which would be another value effecting difference. A J45 from ‘61 is exactly the same as a ‘57-60 with an adjustable saddle, with the exception of the color (cherry Sunburst didnt come out until ‘60) Edit: just realized the OP said that J45 had a plastic bridge, so apparently ‘62 is when they started using plastic bridges, which is why a ‘61 is worth considerably more. That ‘62 J50 from GC for $2500 looks to be the same as a ‘61, so that makes it a pretty good bargain unless I’m missing something
  4. Im a Martin AND a Gibson guy. I like my Martin, and I Like my Gibson Dove, and choosing between them is almost impossible for me. I have a J45 that I was thinking about selling to get a Martin D-18, but now I’m on the trail of a ‘61 J45 so I may go for that instead. I do think I’m a long scale person more than a short scale person, but I’m not very picky about that, found both very playable. In the end, I’m split in half with an almost equal love for both, but I must admit the fold-o-matic headstocks and broken truss rod problems I’ve ran into on Gibsons have me almost leaning towards Martin, but gotta love that Gibson Thump! I had someone me whose seen all the issues I’ve had with my Gibsons ask me why I keep them and keep buying more of them when they viewed them as a “problem child” and my answer is FOR THE SOUND! Nothing like a good sounding Gibson
  5. Hi, so I’ve been looking at 60’s J45 and I was looking at an article about the history of the J45 (article here: http://truevintageguitar.com/the-gibson-j-45-model-through-the-years/) and I noticed the era 47-62 and 62-68, and I was wondering what the differences are between a ‘61 J45 and a ‘63 would be? Im looking at trading for a ‘61 cherry burst tomorrow and I couldn’t find any articles explaining the differences. The ‘61s seem to be worth more than the ‘63s, but I didnt find any differences, was a ‘61 lighter braced or was the body wood beefed up in ‘63? Any help would be appreciated, as well as cautions Edit: I dated the guitar that Im looking at by the FON on the back of the headstock, its also a cherry sunburst finish, stamped J-45 ADJ BRIDGE
  6. I had an Lr baggs element in a Gibson Hp415w I had and the high E was quieter than the rest of the strings when plugged in. I tried leveling the saddle and even replacing the ribbon element pickup with a fishman undersaddle style (solid bar piezo) but the High E was still quieter than the rest of the strings. I narrowed it down to either the saddle slot wasn’t level of its just the element preamp. Never fixed it, I just sold it and bought a guitar I liked better, but since then I’ve always hated the Lr baggs element pickups
  7. I just got my 2018 J45 back yesterday and I have no worries about flatpicking with it, which is mostly all I do. Mine has just had a light fret level done and a good setup, and I can flatpick with it just as good as I can with my Martin that has a 16” radius. A good setup goes a long way
  8. Love that flame figuring on the walnut bridge
  9. I guess its time for another update: So, he got the new truss rod in for the guitar, but it didn’t fit, he shortened it but it still wouldn’t work, so he had to order a new one and take it to a machine shop (I really don’t know why he had to take it to a machine shop, I’m not sure exactly what the issue was that was preventing it from working, but I’ll ask him when I pick up the guitar). He got the new truss rod back two weeks ago, so I should be getting back next week or so, he’s been really busy. Also, the truss rod was threaded another 2-3” further in the neck, so I guess the reason it broke where it did is because there was a weak spot there.
  10. Sorry for the late reply. It turned out great, I have a picture but it wont let me post it here and I don’t feel like joining a seperate website to post a picture here... At the moment. I pretty much just had him buff the entire body, strip the top, cleat the top crack (which turned out to be invisible when he was done) and apply a 3 tone sunburst with just a little more red than normal. My pastor was in shock, he thought it was a brand new guitar, and I’m not planning on bursting that bubble soon🤫
  11. Nice, I bought a Hohner special 20 about 2 months ago, then found a great deal on a lot of used harmonicas (I made sure to completely disassemble and thoroughly clean them before using), all nice hohners (not the $10 ones). Unfortunately, some of the harmonicas contain nickel apparently (and I thought all of the nicer Hohner harmonicas had stainless steel caver plates, but I guess not) so after about 30 minutes of playing them, the next day my lips were broke out. I guess Ill have to stick to guitar
  12. Lately I’ve had SERIOUS G.A.S., I think I’ve purchased like 8 guitars in the last 2-3 months. My latest acquisition is a 1986 Alvarez YAIRI DY75 which I think may be one of the best sounding (and best looking) HD-28 style guitar Ive ever held in my hands. Seriously, I’m at awe everytime I strum it, a definite keeper. I dont have a pic to post but these guitars are VERY much worth trying out. Ive played 4 of this model and 3-4 were Martin killers (the one seemed to lack a little in tone to my ears, but it was a complete CANNON, very loud, and was also the newest one made). I think its filled my itch for a new guitar, for a while at least😁
  13. You’re lucky, my account is just 14, all covered in pimples! Can someone help me age it😝😂
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