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  1. Im playing my thumbs waiting for my J45 that wont be done for another 2 weeks😭
  2. I wonder if the unwound strings are stainless steel? Im allergic to nickel so I use Elixirs as they are the only string I found for acoustic guitar that doesnt contain nickel. If the high E and B arent coated or stainless steel I doubt they will last long, and I also dont see a coating lasting long on the high E and B anyways. If they do turn out to be stainless (which I doubt) I may need to try them, but I just ordered 9 packs of Elixirs off Ebay for $46.00 so I should be good for a while😁
  3. Thats pretty much how I do, I lower the photo quality
  4. I was wondering the same thing🤔. Must be a Gigson thing
  5. I’m not sold on changing the tuners as personally I dont like changing a guitar from its original specs, unless its going to improve the tone or the tuning stability. Thanks for the suggestion, I have had some of those tuners on an hp415w I owned and I dont remember having any problems with them, either. A smaller, vintage style sunburst is kind of what Im thinking of going with too now because after a little closer look at the photos it looks like the crack is about an inch from the side of the soundhole and its almost below the soundhole, so a bigger sunburst may leave it visible, depending on how well its hidden after being repaired.
  6. So I’ve been on the lookout for a killer deal on a J45($1200 or less) for my pastor’s 47th year of preaching at our church (in his 80’s and still plays guitar, hope I’ll be doing the same). Its been 30 years since they got him a guitar and playing 3 days a week, for 30 years, his Yamaha needs more repairs then its worth. He really wants a J45, its his dream guitar. As expected, its almost impossible (though I’ve did it before) to find a J45 for around that price, and it needed to be in good shape, too. I did however find a really good deal on a used J15 that had a crack and some dings in one area of the top, and I thought it may be the perfect guitar to kinda convert to be a little more like a J45. Im planning on having the top refinished in sunburst (yes I know a refinish will decrease the value normally, but I think the sunburst is why he likes the J45 in the first place😋) and I figure the crack being where it is (about 2” from the left side of the soundhole) it shouldn’t be visible after my luthier repairs it and refinishes it. I was also thinking that those tiny little Grovers should be replaced, possibly with the regular rotomatics (any suggestions?). When I get my J45 back from having the truss rod replaced, maybe I should replace its Grovers and put them on this guitar. If anyone has any other modifications or suggestions, Id love to hear them! Also my luthier said he can refinish it in whatever kind of Sunburst id like (vintage, 3 tone, 2 tone, ect.) and of anyone has any suggestions or maybe a photo of one that I may want to base the design off of, that would be welcome. I should receive the guitar next week and thanks to anyone who replies.
  7. Awesome that you found a guitar that you like! Sound is subjective, all depending on the listener, but I would say that an Martin om 28 would sound better, IF you could find the right one. +1 on looking for the awesome pawn shop find, personally Im looking for a prewar martin d28 or Banner slope shoulder Gibson for under 2 grand. No law against dreaming, right😁
  8. I performed with it yesterday, and I was really impressed. It is surprisingly comparable tonally and playability wise to my martin. It doesn’t play as good as my Martin, which is surprising since these guitar are supposed to be “EZ-play”, and tonally my Martin is still on top, but my Martin is a Dreadnaught cutaway so the bigger body may be why it has a fuller sound. The neck is a little thicker than the one on my martin, which I like. I wasn’t expecting much from the pickup but I was impressed with it, too. It wasn’t as quacky as most piezos I’ve used and sounded really good and natural most of the time. Overall when I compare it to my Martin I find it does come up short, but the martin was $3,800 new and the Zager was $1,800 new so I guess that is suspected. One thing I did find disappointing was the fretwork on this guitar. According to Zager’s website, Denny Zager supposably does all the fret work himself by hand. The fretboard has some spots that look like someone was careless with a fret file and sanded down the binding. Also the fret ends were sharp on the some of the upper frets on the body. Im more of a dreadnaught guy and I’ve never really found an OM I really liked, but I like this one more than most Ive played.
  9. I just received my Zager in the mail today. My first impressions upon opening receiving the box was that they didnt use any kind of packing material and the box was being held shut with 2 pieces of tape, one of which was already broken.🤦‍♂️. Anyways it did arrive in one piece and they left the battery in the guitar for me. In the guitar, loose, not in the battery slot, hitting against the braces and knocking the adhesives down for the electronics. 🤦‍♂️again. Anyways it was in almost excellent shape after a restring it sounds really good, LOTS of overtones. It plays well, not the best but better than most guitars I’ve played. I do still suspect its mostly made by the Samick factory and just finished in the U.S. by Zager, but nonetheless it is a really nice guitar. The case is really nice, though it seems too loose like its actually for a dreadnaught, but when its shut it holds in place good so it works. Overall Im really satisfied with it but do I think its worth the $1,800 new price? No. I would think more around $1,200 would be more reasonable but IF they are made by Samick not Zager, then $1,200 would still be pretty steep, but if it sounds good, I guess thats all that really matters at the end of the day. I will try to post more pics of it soon but for now here’s the pic of it I got from the seller
  10. I dont know if its real or fake, but I’ve never seen one like it. Looks fake to me though, and ugly(IMO)
  11. The guitar is supposed to arrive in the next 2 hours, so I may start a NGD thread and share my thoughts on it. Thanks all, I’m still hoping its better than a Samick but I’m prepared for the worst. If nothing else it is a nice case😁
  12. That was my first impressions of them too, I was actually going to buy their top of the line model about a year ago, but after a few emails to them I changed my mind. I asked them where they were made and their reply was, "Our guitars are made from components from all around the world". For me, that was no answer to the question I asked, so I asked them again. They're response the second time was a list of what countries and states they get their materials from. That was enough for me so I just bought the Martin I was also considering. I have no regrets about that decision
  13. I just did a wee bit of research on Samicks and found that the Samick OM8ce is almost identical to the Zager ZAD80ce. The only differences (besides the label and the headstock shape😋) is that the fretboard end is different, and the bridge is a different shape. Also the electronics are a different model fishman. The inlays, tuners, wood material, all that is identical. I also found that the Samick ASDRCE is almost identical to the Zager ZAD900ce besides the same differences as the two models I stated before. I think I’m building up a fraud case against my own guitar😝 hopefully I’m wrong but its awfully fishy-looking
  14. I guess its not really surprising that no one here has any experience with them, I guess I’ll be the first to review them here😁
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