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  1. Got this 1963 E230TD from my brother. It's been through some rough times. I leaned it up against the a window ledge in a house I used to live in. Had a rain storm and dang if the water didn't leak in down the wall and into the carpet. Guitar was about 18" away from the wall. End result was the edge of the guitar got wet and bled out. No other harm than cosmetic. Any ideas how to repair without looking like a 'repair'? (it kind of looks cool like flames) Also my bro replaced the P90 bridge with a humbucker. I have the original cover and coil and tray. Not sure I have the magnets and screws. Any ideas on restoring it back to original? Found some cheap P90's online and thinking of scabbing the screws and alincos to put it back right.
  2. Hi all! I'm an acoustic guitar player. Been playing for 45 years or so... Lately interests have been Big Bands n Ballads, though I've played folkie and Texas 'sock' guitar for fiddle backup as well. Figured I needed to learn some rock styles and no better way to learn a style than to get an electric guitar. Of course one has to acquire an amplifier so what better way than to build my own? I got a CeriaTone 100w 183 ODS kit and put it together. Sounds great too. Now I need to learn how to rock n roll! Using an old 'Coffee can' EV SRO12 speaker (built the box it's in) and the 183. Dang! It's loud! Guitar's: 1969 Gibson L6-S, and 1963 Epiphone Casino E230TD, and a Martin D18. I like the 230 because it feels more like an acoustic. I'm used to 'squeezing' chords on acoustic and I get the sense that a lighter touch is required on electric. I hope to learn all I can about 'lectric'
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