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  1. For what little ear I have, it seems to play well enough. And, as you say, it's the playing, the making of music, that's important to enjoy.
  2. Yes, I see your point, but I'm also referring to when someone puts up a tutorial for a song on YouTube, It's that person's personal guitar and he/she is not in the business of selling guitars at all. Anyway, I find it a bit much. Maybe I'll follow up on that when I'm in charge of the world.
  3. It dawns on me that this may be the peerfect place to finally get the anser to a question that's been riding me like I'm a rented mule for years now. Why do videos of people playing guitar never show the head stock of the guitar to see what brand of guitar it is?!
  4. I sure appreciate the comments and info you folks are sharing.
  5. Thanks, Big Bill, as soon as I finish getting some money back for this one.
  6. I wasn't even looking for a Gibson. The friend there with me could go no more than a thousand and I was offerng to cover him the rest of the way to the purchase price on a monthly repayment deal. I haven't told him. I haven't told anyone. And if I don't get any hungrier than this, I'm too embarrassed to even leave this bedroom.
  7. Thanks, Pippy. And to others who noticed the anomalies. Better for me to know now than to unknowingly pass this on to someone else as the real thing. From now on, I bring a knowledgeable person along with me. I hope there's a special place in hell for anyone at the auction who knew what was happening and said nothing. I'll follow up with the auctioneer.
  8. So, if I followed the codification I found online and here, my 00170421 would have been made in the year 2000, Jan. 17th, possibly at a plant in Kalamazoo MI???
  9. Here's #5 & #6.....nope, I'm being limited in how many photos I can submit. So, let's try just #6.
  10. And it seems I'll have to come back later for #5 and #6. Sorry, Pippy.
  11. Right. Here we go for the first 3 of 6
  12. Well, this has been an education! Now, let me confirm a few quick things up front. It's Lenny not Larry, Merciful, but certainly no big deal as that would have corrected itself soon enough. I am indeed a Canadian from the Rocky mountains of BC. The "all y'all" is a bow to my southern American friends I made over the 33 years I was spending the months of June and September motorcycle touring, but I can see the confusion I may have caused with that wording. Sorry about that. (See, I told you I'm Canadian.;-) Now, for the scary part. If this turns out to be a Chibson, then I've been severely rooked and I should have stopped bidding at the yellow tool box at this estate sale. Having been out of the guitar world for 55 years, I suppose I should have let this one go and educated myself first. The one saving grace would be that I at least have my two real Gretches and the Godin. In the meantime, give me a day or two to round up those requested photos that Pip asked for. If worse comes to worst, maybe I'll just give it to the local high school music program. Or make a side table out of it. Or sell it to someone I don't like. I'm...I'm...prematurely despondent. That's what I am. How do you spell despondent. Never mind.
  13. Went out to an auction for a power tool and came back with a yellow tool box. Oh, and my first Gibby, a Gibson Les Paul Standard. From what I could learn online trying to decipher the inset (not decal) serial number, I think I have a year 2000 model in what I think may be the Ocean Blue finish. Durn purty, and I really like the feel and sound though I realize my amps may have something to do with that. Can anyone tell me more about this guitar by just these photos, such as the potential value? PpppllleeeeZ?
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