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  1. We were discussing this in another thread, and the question came up about which J-45s do NOT have the pearl dots on the bridge. Mine, a 1942 J-45 Legend from CME, does not, but I'm curious about others. Here's mine. Let me know if this picture doesn't show up.
  2. I just started looking and it seems like pretty much all J-45's do. Am I right in this? Seems odd that they would have this particular model without them. I don't particularly like the pearl dots, so I guess it works out.
  3. Yeah, my "1942 J-45 Legend" was a model that was originally only for the Japanese market. It looks like CME " bought out" the rights to order this model for their store? Not sure why, but it is the only Banner style J-45 I've seen without the 2 pearl dots on the bridge beside the pins (The new J-35 reissue is the same) When I did research on it prior to buying, the only demos/reviews were from Japan.
  4. I really love the Lyric in my J-45. Used it at church today into the Venue DI with all the controls at noon (flat) and it sounded GREAT!!! Doing some recording with it tonight and again, it sounds great.
  5. Oh, also for anyone curious about Crowder, here's "Ray" his SJ. It's looking more and more beat up 🙂
  6. OP here: Wow, thanks for these replies!!! I'll check some of these out for sure. Yeah, i'm looking for artist who pretty much ONLY use J-45's the way Willie uses Trigger. And more specifically, I'm looking for modern artists more so than "vintage" artists 😉 On the flip side, i'm looking for people who mainly use Banners lol but that seems to be a small crowd. Paul Simon: I guess i'm completely wrong about that one. Not sure where I heard that. Sean Watkins: I knew he used to use the 50's J-45, but hasn't he been using the LG-2 that Jackson Browne (e?) gave him (see video about
  7. I know the J-45 is ubiquitous, but I didn't become a real Gibson fan until 3 years ago, so I'm not familiar with artists who are known for their use of a J-45 acoustic. More specifically, are there well-know artists who ONLY use J-45's and not other model acoustics? For instance, I'm aware that Paul Simon used J-45s for a long time before moving on to something else (Martins?), and James Taylor used his J-50 (close enough) before moving onto Olson. Thanks so much!!
  8. Well, here's an updated version of an earlier post.
  9. I created this backing track so others could use it for singing / playing. Play or sing over it and post back here 🙂 I don't know how to insert youtube videos, so here's a link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nn6rB0-F6ww Here's the lead sheet https://drive.google.com/file/d/1CGCUfgX9ZzRTsFOL7L5HwFg4Bs0Av2Kf/view?usp=sharing
  10. Well, i'm supposing the OP already made his purchase, but as someone who has bought a new Gibson J-45 last year (albeit a custom shop), I can say.....YES. The J-45 Vintage was also my runner up, along with the J-185 Vintage. Really good stuff. In the same price range, i was also looking at used Collings, Santa Cruz's, Bourgeois, etc. In the end, the Gibson had the sound I wanted and I couldn't be happier.
  11. I'm now a firm believer in the dirty strings theory (or science). This Thursday will be 1 year with the same set of strings on my J-45, and I've really grown fond of the sound. They are NOT dead sounding, but nice. I'm a music major and play guitar every day. Since day 1, I've been using the GHS fast fret product to clean the strings. Maybe not EVERY time I play, but most times I play. BUT I've never really wiped them down after using it. A couple days ago, I finally decided to use a terry cloth towel to wipe the stings down after using the fast fret. The towel didn't show any signs of
  12. Well, i can trade you my J-45 WITH COA for yours 🙂 heck, i'll even pick it up local
  13. Thanks so much. I actually ended up re-recording it as I forgot my intro (required for class), and I wasn't super happy with the vocals. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YFIrX-8us6E
  14. Well, I could take a picture of my wife holding my guitar, then put THAT in the frame. Then it'd be my 2 favorite things in the world in 1 picture 🙂
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