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  1. So, i really like the retros now!!! Here's some strumming 🙂 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1A_UFJcyevI
  2. Put up a short video with the Martin Retros on . Probably not much difference right after the change, but we shall see how these age...... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZNrnKkHjhfg
  3. Wow, what an awesome guitar! Sweet Cheeks, eh? Def jealous of that bold grain!
  4. Yeah, i was surprised to see the thin finish on the Vintage. How do you like yours?
  5. Ahh, i didn't know either of those things. Now it makes more sense why they looked so contrasted. you'd be seeing bare wood through the "clear" part where here you're seeing the bursted finish.
  6. LOL, thanks. i think that was a i'm camping with a bunch of kids and keep dropping picks. Problem solved instantly. It also works really really well 🙂 And just to clarify, i don't plan on drawing on, sticking picks into, nor attaching stickers to this Gibson 🙂 My wife would absolutely kill me LOL She's actually excited about this guitar for me. She's not crazy about the pickguard. Before we even bought it she's like "how much does a pickguard cost?" LOL, But once i started telling her about how this one looks nicer (in my opinion) than the ones on the original Legends, so took a different stance.
  7. You know, "energetic" is probably the right word. That makes it positive 🙂
  8. I really do appreciate the people who like to keep their guitars as new looking as possible, i'm just not that guy. That being said, i played for a few minutes last night, and when i finished playing, my wife said "don't some people wipe down their guitars after playing?" I ended up wiping it down (i've never really done that before), and it felt kinda nice. I'm sure it won't become a habit, but we shall see. Here's my other 2 acoustics: This 1992 seagull has been my "Camp / beater" guitar since 2002. this was 9 years ago. Not surprising with a satin finish on a cedar topped guitar. It always had intonation issues, so it could never be a stage guitar. Neck has been broken in 3 different places, braces re-glued, the saddle re-routed (it was int he wrong spot from the factory), and it's been a real trooper. this was a month ago: It's now on "loan" to the son of a co-worker. This is my Martin OMC-16WE after 14 years as #1. Needs new frets and probably a new truss rod (nut is stripped, but i also think it's at the end of its adjustment). I'll probably give it to a friend if they want it.
  9. Yeah, that's what's on this one currently. Carl recommended the 13's, and i may go that route, but thought i'd try the 12s first. I do a LOT of fingerpicking, so the 13's may be a bit much for me LOL
  10. Yeah, honestly, i love the look of a worn-in guitar. My seagull almost has a hole worn through the top, and i finally started wearing through the lacquer on my Martin a couple years ago. This one will probably look more worn more quickly due to the thin nitro. It really is SUPER thin. Question: The case is nice, but i can see it's going to get messed up real quick...... There are no feet on the side, so if you set it down, you either have to set it down flat or chance scratching the Tolex. Any suggestions? I may just put a couple layers of Gaffe tape down in those spots as a padding. That or figure out how to install some feet on it. Better yet, once i get a Mono bag for it, leave the case at home 🙂
  11. Well, it happened!!!!! I bought it and am (now) super happy with it. For the details/pics, skip below the starred line. For real-life crap and transparency, read on lol Got to CME around 11:30 Saturday. It ended up being a super stressful experience.. Not a fun day, despite buying a new guitar. Long story short, it occurred to me that my (new) bank may have a daily limit for our debit cards. I was right and the limit was $300...... so i had to hand the guitars back over and spend a WHILE on the phone with our bank (who can't do limit increases on the weekend), Visa, and local Credit Unions trying to figure out a solution. In the end, CME just sent a PayPal invoice to me and i was able to pay it all that way. Man, i could've done without that. Secondly, the strings on the guitar were SUPER corroded and worn out, which i anticipated. The guitar sounded dull/lifeless as opposed to the last time where it was loud/lively. CME was super nice and put a new set of their shop-strings on (i think some kind of D'Addario PB). After the new strings were on, the guitar was so bright/brash, i almost didn't buy it. I knew they would dull-down, but didn't want to make the purchase hoping the guitar would get better. After talking with Carl Kammin, he recommended that i try the Martin Retros and assured me that the guitar would be a good one. Between Carl and Alex Latus (the main rep i worked with the last couple of months) I ended up buying the guitar and the Lyric pickup (not installed yet) knowing i would have a 30-day trial period. When i got home, i played for just a few minutes (see somewhat muffled video below), then put on the Retros on. Boy......I hated them. They sounded ok, but the rough feel and excessive string squeak were pretty off-putting. I was pretty discouraged, and decided to call it a day. Before putting the guitar up, i decided to use "Fast-Fret" on the strings, hoping that it would make a difference the next day. Not sure if it was that or if i just needed to let me ears rest some, but when i started playing Sunday afternoon, i really started liking the guitar more and more. The fast-fret helped the string squeak and playability, and everything just sounded a little better......until...... I noticed that something sounded off. I checked and the low E string was showing almost 20cents sharp at the 3rd fret, so my G chord was out of tune. I checked and sure enough every fret on the low E string was super sharp despite the tuner saying the open E was spot on. What.The.Crap.........turns out, my tuner is junk lol also, when playing the strings at a normal intensity, the initial attack is sharper than if you just pick it softly for tuning. Once i started tuning by playing the note hard, everything was fine and in tune. At that point i was satisfied and finally decided i was going to for sure keep the guitar. Then i decided to play and sing and REALLY try it out. I can be somewhat.....intense with my strumming when singing and sure enough i put a pretty nice scratch i the finish on the first song. LOL I guess it's mine for sure now 🙂 I emailed Alex to let him know i'd be keeping the guitar and that i would schedule a day to come get the pickup installed. Took it to work today to show my co-workers and it sounded glorious from the moment i took it out of the case. Honestly best sound thus far. So, without further adieu.... ********************************************************************** The aforementioned scratch..... Can't really see it from this angle I like this tiger stripe better than the old ones. Less contrast-y Video with the D'Addarios https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yyzDxdkf7Y8 For those who asked, here's what the inside looks like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JsUpXn4TiWM And the scratch.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nv2Frqq37Mk
  12. Well, just to follow up on this, i ended up buying the Legend and am very happy with it. Check it out in my NGD post. As far as the Banner.......man......that thing is awesome. .....i almost bought it. In the end my rational kicked in and the reasons i had for not buying it still existed. No (real) case, it'll need new frets soon, overpriced, what other issues lurk in there?, etc. But if someone is looking fro that sound....geez, it's there in spades and sounds/plays great!!!!!
  13. LOL, if you come to CME tomorrow, you can play it 🙂
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