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  1. Hi Gnappi. Got your point 🙂. I’ll contact Gibson and send them pictures of what you mentioned. Cheers. B
  2. Hi Steve... Sounds interesting :-). did you remove the tuners 5mm down from the standard holes. And what is the purpose of doing that ? :-) I talked to a long time Gibson dealer and specialist yesterday here in Copenhagen, and he said its likely that this guitar was specialized. the serial no on the headstock matches the guitar so everything is in place. also the walnut edition was a limited run. Heres some more pictures of the guitar
  3. Hi There.. Just purchased this es335 63` reissue from 2005. A super guitar, but was wondering how it is possible, that the fretboard inlays are les Paul / SG standards ?. I have never ever seen a 335 with those inlays before. its a genuine Gibson no doubt, and the headstock is 100% genuine with a serial no, that matches the serial no inside the guitar. its made on the Nashville plant/ TN April 20th. 2005. Could it be that someone wanted to "pimp" the guitar and replaced the neck with a neck from a 60`s SG ?. it is from what i know of, the only Gibson model with those fretboard inlays and the pearl crown on the headstock. But how is that done, considering that the 2 serial n´s matches. Is it possible that someone special customized a guitar from Gibson. And does a SG neck fits a ES335 ? Or is it the original neck, just with different fretboard inlays ?. And last but not least.. What is the meaning of moving the all the tuners 5mm down on the headstock, nd drill new holes for them to fit in. Some jazz guitar nerds told me some did it years ago, to get a better tuning etc.. WHY ?.. Hope someone can shade some information on this guitar. It plays absolutely awesome, and its the same feeling i have playing it as my old es175 and the ES339 i have.. just bought it because it looked diff, from any other es335 ive seen, and because it plays and sounds perfect. thanx cheers Borelli 🙂 Denmark
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