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  1. well it seems it was just a sticker so I carried on looking into a second hand el-00 and found this baby on bay I purchased for half the price of a new el-00 pro https://www.use.com/editset.pl?set=63649a9656e3de523994&p=2 it’s immaculate looks like it’s never been used so I’m very happy
  2. Well she seems to be a 2005 Korean early model from the peerless factory so now I know the past here’s to the future thanks for the input gents
  3. Cheers for the advice everyone it’s looking like an early jap model round shape,. What are people’s views on the difference in tone etc with the jap model and say the new pro models the serial no is R0500003 I cannot seem to find where it was made thanks in advance
  4. Hi Everyone could anyone advise me regarding this EL-OO its going cheap and looks like it has some damage and an unusual headstock on it could this be a gem or a fake? epiphone.jfif $_86.jfif
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