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  1. How in the world do you post a picture on this sight? Reduce the photo to a postage stamp?
  2. My brother bought my nephew a used Red Label (40 years old) at a pawn shop about 5 years ago. I played it and I didn’t think much about it. It was badly out of tune and my son was driving me nuts that day so I didn’t bother to tune it. A few years later I gave my nephew a Breedlove. He was all excited, but he told me after playing it for a few weeks he thought the Yamaha was a better guitar. I said, ok, sure. Well it probably is. My brother picked that FG 140 up for 35.00. I’ve recently talked to a few of my friends who play acoustics exclusively. They told me my Yamaha has a solid top and my nephew has a all laminated guitar. They told me that I should try and trade mine for his. They said the Red Labels are the real deal. Mine they said is very nice, but not in the same league as a Red Label.
  3. This is a FG 413S SDB made in Taiwan. It has an unbelievable tone. This is the first Yamaha guitar I have played and I’m impressed.
  4. I picked up a twenty year old Yamaha FG for 75.00 dollars. I bought it to take on a week long fly fishing trip and I will not not take my Gibson LG and leave it in a motel room unattended. So I get the guitar and replace the tuners with Grover Rotos and replace the nut with a spare bone blank. I string it up with 10’s and I’m amazed by the tone. Has anyone any experience with Yamaha FG’s? Can these guitars sound this good?
  5. Not bad at all SRV version is nice. The only cover that I thought was better than the original is Manfred Mann’s version of Blinded by the Light. I like it much better than Springsteen’s
  6. “No one will ever cover a Skynyrd song and do it better than Skynyrd.” This the Lord said when he handed the Ten Commandments to Moses. Case closed!
  7. I dig this guitar. For years I've played a Tele, always used just the bridge pup, so this was a natural for me.
  8. I live in Alabama and property tax is low compared to other regions of the country. I owned a home in Hoover and my tax was just a tad over one thousand. I owned a home in Wauwatosa Wisconsin and the property tax on a smaller home and less property was over 5 grand. I moved back to Alabama and I now live in a small town property tax is 450. 00. It’s all about location. I lived in Los Angeles for a decade and I couldn’t afford to buy a home.
  9. Your best bet is to find a dealer who has one in inventory and play it first before buying. Failing that, I would take the risk and buy directly from Epiphone.
  10. Good people do good things. Nice gesture and it’s helping promote young cats in their musical journey. Good job!
  11. The one I regret selling was my Electra bass. I got it in 1974 and I loved it. Made in Japan it was a great bass. But I shipped off in the Navy and sold every guitar I owned and every amp. Big mistake. My favorite today is my Gibson LG-2. I play it just about every day.
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