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  1. Never discount 10cc. They were a great band.
  2. The article gave no reason or explanation. I'm guessing that The Who are a active band but more importantly their charity work for Teen Trust may have a lot to do with it. They raise millions in the UK and US for teenagers undergoing cancer treatment. They have established special units in hospitals just for teenagers undergoing cancer treatment. And lastly they are still a damn good band. And maybe,... they are 'my generation.' But to be sure they are the first of many to be inducted. Britain gave the world a lot of great bands. Really they gave us the best bands in my opinion.
  3. The Who, my favorite band of all time, are the first to receive a paving stone on the new Music Walk of Fame in London. I going to go out on a limb and say the Beatles get one too.
  4. If you dig it, then I dig it! Good to know everything worked out.
  5. Not everything. I saw a cat this weekend wearing a watch that looked like a wall clock strapped to his arm. I don't know if he was wearing the watch or the watch was wearing him.
  6. You might consider a Setsbar Pro, either the I or II. very heavy duty designed for SG with either straight or angled bridge, Comes with a Bigsby style arm. They aint cheap, 270 USD
  7. I have a 2019 SG-Special. I have made one truss rod adjustment since I purchased it back in September. I like medium action and it stayed that way since. Of all the guitars I’ve owned, I would say the SG is the most delicate by far. I treat it with kid gloves for sure. But it’s one of the best guitars I’ve ever owned.
  8. Thanks for the info. Yes it was Campbell’s, I got the impression they do a lot of repairs and set up work there. I noticed three employees working on guitars in the middle of the store.
  9. Actually I saw a Gretsch bass that caught my eye. A Fender Elite Telecaster was nice and a few Taylor acoustics. Not a Gibson in the shop that I saw. It had at least 5 complete drum sets and a lot of mandolins. It was a cool store.
  10. My offer on a home in Johnson City TN was accepted yesterday. Looks like I may be settled in late December. Talked my brother into driving one of my automobiles and I should be able to move all my guitars and amps in two cars, I’ll worry about the incidentals like clothes and other items at a later date. Got my hair cut in this hipster joint yesterday. The lady that cut my hair told me her father is a guitar player living in the adjoining town of Jonesborough. They have two music stores downtown. I visited one yesterday and was impressed with the place. Life is good, even with the snow that fell yesterday.
  11. The first ranking is meaningless. It’s not to be taken seriously. Clemson is in because they will be undefeated.
  12. I’ll listen to Eli and John Parker, it’s going to be a great game.
  13. I'm going to the game of the year Saturday to watch Alabama vs LSU at Bryant-Denny Stadium. I bought two nose bleed seats in the north endzone upper deck. The price- $711.00. ROLL TIDE ROLL!
  14. I've been a big fan of D'Addarios's XT's for a long time. I put them on every acoustic I own. Recently I put Gibson acoustic strings on my J-15, and WHAM I was impressed. Now the down side. After 3 weeks they need replacing. I get a least a month or longer on the D's
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