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  1. Man that clip was great. I would have played for the Beatles for free,,.. but I’m a rank amateur, suffice to say this cat wasn’t. Now I know who played my favorite part of the song.
  2. As a former resident of the Great State of Alabama (Roll Tide!) I’ve seen my share of tornadoes. I was at the Tuscaloosa VA when the epic tornado hit and destroyed Alberta section of town. Now a resident of Tennessee it’s the same today. Winds are ripping up here in the mountains, and I have relocated all of my guitars downstairs in a crawl space under the stairwell. But I would never consider living anywhere other that the South. If I have to explain what grits are or collard greens, I ain’t living there.
  3. That was nice! Thanks for the invite, I’ll definitely stop by.
  4. He was an accomplished drummer and a fine song writer. Just terrible news.
  5. My most versatile guitar is my 2019 American Professional Series Butterscotch Blonde Telecaster. It has great clean tones, it can get twangy, and it can get real crunchy. And I can crack pecans with it. Ash makes a great pounding material.
  6. I’ve noticed it. Haven’t been inside yet. Usually after I leave Campbell’s I head over to Mid City Grill. Awesome burgers and onion rings.
  7. Asheville is only 50 minutes from my house. I haven’t been there yet but plan to visit soon. If you are ever in JC you should drop by Campbell- Morrell Music. I love the place, I spent over 2K in one week. I asked the manager to ban me for 90 days. He laughed and said he can’t do that. I can’t stay out of the place. It’s going to take me a while to adjust to retirement, I will volunteer at the VA, after a career working for the VA, I’m going to work for free. Funny thing about the Tele, it’s the only guitar Fender makes that I will play. Now I’m jonesing for a Firebird.
  8. I was never a fan of this cat, until now.
  9. That’s the truth! The last time I was in a studio was 1974. All analogue and a pain in the ***. Nowadays I use my iPad and it’s a breeze to lay down a backing track.
  10. Are we allowed to put up guitars for sale on this site?
  11. I’m retired. I have nothing to do and nowhere to go. But I’m going to become a volunteer at the VA here in Johnson City. I retired from the VA and now I’m going to work for free at the VA.
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