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  1. Well, I pulled the trigger on two guitars today. I had made a promise to a co-worker if I got rated 100% disabled by the VA I would buy him a Les Paul. I got him a 2019 Les Paul Studio Tangerine Burst and of course I bought a SG-Special in Brilliant Burgundy. I'll post pics when I pick them up.
  2. I listened to the song last night. My first impression is Pete Townshend has reached into his large trick bag and used different sounds here there on the song, especially the intro. No mistake about what band is playing here, it’s pure The Who.
  3. I love Telecasters, and I love Gibson’s. I want to buy a new guitar, leaning towards the SG’61 from the original collection. This may be just a silly phase I’m going through seeing I dig single coils more than ‘buckers. I have my eye on the Pelham Blue SG Special with P90’s. I have a new Gibson, 2019 Les Jr, from the original collection, but he ain’t heavy, just my Les Jr. Many years ago I borrowed an SG and what I remember was how light it was compared to a 1966 Telecaster. It also had a very dark tone too. At 65 I really want a light guitar, and would prefer single coil over ‘buckers. But the ‘61 SG from the original collection has put a spell on me. So should I buy a new guitar or take a band saw and cut a 1/4 inch of the back of my Les Jr.
  4. It was a different breed of cat that fought in WWII. My father fought in the South Pacific in the Navy, my uncle Jack flew bomber escort out of Dover and spent 3 years in a German POW camp. I had an uncle Harry who was killed in Guam as a member of the USMC. My pop and Jack came home from the war and helped create the greatest economic and baby boom in this nations history. And I never heard a word from my father or my uncle gripe about the war.
  5. I wont buy any guitars anymore off the web. Too easy to pass off a bogus guitar as legit. Telecasters are the worst. Too easy to advertise one as a Fullerton pre CBS as the real deal and they aren't. Carters in Nashville is about the only place I trust.
  6. I caught Eddie in the 80's at the University of Montevallo Palmer Auditorium. He was a pro act that night.
  7. He paid 900.00 for what he believed was a 2008 Les Standard. I have never known Gibson to put Indian Laurel fret boards on their necks and use a 10mm Allen wrench to adjust the truss rod.
  8. Exactly. I have a friend who couldn't wait to show me his new Les Paul. So he brings it by and I have an amp set up for him, I have "Smokey" my Les Jr. out and cabled up. He unpacks his case and I ask to have a look at it. Within 10 seconds my heart sank. This was a bogus guitar, a Chinese copy. My friend was devastated,
  9. Very interesting stuff. But I don't believe they would have made another album after Abbey Road. Let it Be was just a collection of songs already written and recorded. I regard Abbey Road as their best work followed by Rubber Soul, Revolver and The White Album.
  10. When the "Swampers" first started they were kids, just a bunch of country boys from Florence and Sheffield Alabama. But they were given the gift of musical talent from the Good Lord and together they were amazing. The Muscle Shoals Sound will forever be etched in American music. The Swampers have been known to pick a song or two.
  11. Get your hands on a Daion and you will love Japanese guitars too!
  12. He was a very down to earth man and very humble, no ego at all. I met him once and told him he's a legend, his response: " I'm nobody special." And this brings me to the subject of the HOF. Johnson, David Hood, Roger Hawkins and Barry Beckett along with Rick Hall should be in the Rock 'N Roll HOF.
  13. Legendary guitarist Jimmy Johnson died today, he was 76. Johnson was a member of the Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section also known as the "Swampers." He was a favorite of mine and a major influence on my style of play.
  14. I give it a 98. Good beat and nice melody and easy to dance to.
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