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  1. “Down on the corner out in the street, Willy and the poor boys sayin’ a nickel bag cant be beat.” I thought this was the lyrics for years. Until a friend said, you trying to be funny and corrected me. Hey, in 1969 a 15 year old kid thought like this.
  2. I don’t have perfect pitch, and I will argue neither does the majority of the earths population. So at 5 cents down the folks in the audience will never know you are not tuned to 440 hz. Also when tuned at 440 as you play up the neck the more out of tune you become. Aslo a plus is vocal range, I can’t hit a high note, and neither can most folks my age or older. I noticed Pete Townshend was tuned a half step down on almost every song at this years concert in Nashville. Why? I can only guess, Roger Daltrey at age 75 cant hit notes like he did at age 35. Now those who aced aural harmonics , and I didn’t, can claim I’m full of crap. But I know what works best for me.
  3. 100 cents is a semi tone. I’m tuning down 5-10 cents, with the exception of the 1st string, I tune the high e down 12 cents. Flatting the strings fattens the tone.
  4. Many years ago I was turned on to using heaver gauge strings and tuning 5-10 cents down to get a fatter tone. For the past 40 years this has been my practice. Anybody have secrets to get that fat sound other than changing pups.
  5. If the Beatles came out now the current music scene would be different. That much talent level would be a major influence on today's sound. Back in the late sixties and through the seventies it was the wild- wild west when it came to playing live. There was an abundance of work available and it seems more live music clubs looking for bands. Back then if you wanted a particular sound you just grabbed a different guitar. Today electronics have taken over and you can play an entire 4 set list with just one guitar. More talent back then and that's an opinion shared by many I talk with.
  6. Based on the current music trend? Meaning punch a button on a machine and you have a backing track.
  7. Don't do it, trust me, she ain't goanna be that hot.
  8. Would the Beatles still be "The Beatles" if they were starting out today? I have to admit, I like staying in my comfort zone when it comes to music. Meaning I mostly regard my generation of music as the best of all time. So if the groups of my youth were getting started today would they get started?
  9. I got another one to add to the list Red Bone-Come and Get You Love, "Hell, Hell,. what's the matter with your head."
  10. Same here, may be their only hit record but it was a hit record and many songs are fantastic. One hit record can set you up for life.
  11. I just thankful that the city of Birmingham has lifted my ban from playing in any club within the city limits. So my amp caught fire and burned down a club. wasn't my fault, I took soldering class in high school.
  12. Check around for used V’s, Reverb.com is a good place to start. The V has been copied by many companies and builders and there are many variations and colors out there. Personally I dig the 2019 Original Collection V.
  13. Some of you folks that ain’t never been down south may not know of place called West Point Mississippi. it hosts the Howlin’ Wolf Blues Festival. it ain’t no big big show but it does all right. old black men playing old guitars young white boys smokin’ expensive cigars. smell of pulled pork and whiskey jars southern belles can’t look no finer guitars tuned to e minor nobody gets in a hurry cause there ain’t no reason to worry. this is the home where music was born And it spread across the planet like a hurricane storm.
  14. Nice acquisition. All Godin and Seagull guitars are made from wood grown in Canada.
  15. Certainly looks odd in 2019 to see a young BB King clutching a Tele. But remember a Tele was a affordable guitar way up into the seventies. My first electric was a 1966 Tele purchased in 1969. I paid 180.00 for the guitar and a Twin Reverb. Both amp and guitar were worn but still very tone worthy.
  16. I have one rule I never violate when buying a guitar. Never buy a guitar that is larger than me. I defer to pic #2.
  17. Try and picture legendary guitarist playing something other than their signature guitar. BB King playing a Fender Duo Sonic. Albert Collins playing a Rickenbacker, Lonnie Mack playing a Fender Mustang., Albert King playing a 1966 Vox. Willie Nelson playing a Flying V. You get my drift.
  18. I'm of the opinion a Gibson guitar through a English amp is a match made in heaven.
  19. Rock ‘n Roll will never die. Disco couldn’t kill it, Punk couldn’t kill it, Hip-Hop couldn’t kill it. My band- The Worst Band in the World, didn’t kill it.
  20. Straight plug and play. My Jr. and a Vox AC10. Back in the day getting crazy, my Electra bass into a Fender Vibrolux with fuzz pedal. Had to keep the volume down.
  21. Like I said, Albert Collins blew my mind.
  22. Managed to get around and put a set of Brite’s-medium gauge on today. They are bright! Even 11’s are brighter that the Ernie 9.5’s I took off. They are well balanced, no muddy tone on the bass end, mid’s are nice and balanced and the treble end is not overly brilliant, but they are bright. They are good strings in my opinion, but 11.99 a set is too high. I received an email from StewMac today announcing they are offering OEM Gibson parts. I bought 2 sets of Vintage Brites for 9.99 a set. The bottom line is; I like them.
  23. When you buy a Gibson you don’t need a sticker to know where it’s made.
  24. My favorite Floyd album was recorded on that boat-Division Bell.
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