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  1. Well I have made my decision. I’m going to buy a Gibson 339 figured model in sixties cherry. I toyed with the Fender Tele thin-line, now I love Tele’s but the 339 is a whole different breed of cat that seems to me a guitar worthy of a lifetime of playing enjoyment. And I think they are beautiful. But the Firebird is............,
  2. I don’t doubt you but I’m not getting a 35.
  3. Well I have made my decision. But I haven’t pulled the trigger because I can’t decide on the finish. Is it dark natural, caramel burst or sixties cherry. Give me a few more days deciding this.
  4. Holy semi-hollow center block, Batman! I’m digging it.
  5. I have 12 days until I'm officially retired. In addition to this I have a closing date on a home in Johnson City TN 18 days away. Retirement and moving to a new state and a new home has been on my mind. But more importantly a new guitar has taken priority, This will not be just a new guitar for the sake of a new guitar, but a significant new guitar marking my retirement and realizing and achieving a goal of living in the mountains of East Tennessee and trout fishing at will. Now the guitar. I love Telecasters, they are the only guitar that Fender offers that I will own. Now I'm a Gibson freak, I love just about every Gibson that they offer. Price is a limiting factor due to my limited skills as a guitar player. In short I'm not Custom Shop material. I like to keep it real as they say. Guitars I have on my list. Telecaster Thinline either Vintera or American made. I don't see much of a difference in MIM and made in USA. but that's just me. Now for Gibson, I have the 2019 Original Collection Flying V in natural, Firebird, an ES-335 on my list of potential "retirement" guitar. What should I get?
  6. I’m jonesing for just a Vintera thinline 70’s Tele Blonde. But I’m about to move next month and will drop about 10k in the process, but damn a new guitar would be a nice present to me from me. I think it’s going to happen.
  7. Navy Vet.


    And I dig plaid, I see a red doorway and I want it painted plaid. I have plaid sweaters, plaid shirts, plaid hats, and a plaid cat.
  8. Navy Vet.


    LOL!!! That was good. But my surname is Scottish as you can get. It literally translates to son of Robert.
  9. This video is great. I love stuff like this. Thanks!
  10. Navy Vet.


    I'm thankful that I was born in the greatest nation in the history of mankind.
  11. Meow kitty from Detroit city! I’m digging it!
  12. Good stuff. Floyd has always been an enigma to me. My favorite album is Division Bell followed by Momentary Lapse of Reason. Syd Barrett never did anything for me, guess I didn’t get the original Floyd, never grasped his talent. Found The Wall to be absolute rubbish and can’t bring myself to listen to Dark Side of the Moon anymore. I have always said the signature sound of Pink Floyd is David Gilmour’s guitar work and Richard Wrights keyboards. I may be showing my ignorance but Floyd was better without Waters.
  13. The old bass player story. Kid comes home from his first bass lesson. His father asks how the lesson went. Kid says great, today I learned the E string. Second day his father asks again, Great, today I learned the A string. Third day the same, Great, I learned the D string. The forth day his father asks how the lesson went which the son replies, no lesson today dad, I've got a gig tonight.
  14. Back in the mid sixties Peavey was the gear of choice. Back in the early seventies I had an Electra Bass made in Japan, it was a great bass. If I could go back in time knowing what I know now. Those were the days my friends, we thought they would never end, those were the days.
  15. Never heard of an ebow. Did a search, and now I've got to have one. Turn your guitar into a violin or cello.
  16. Never discount 10cc. They were a great band.
  17. The article gave no reason or explanation. I'm guessing that The Who are a active band but more importantly their charity work for Teen Trust may have a lot to do with it. They raise millions in the UK and US for teenagers undergoing cancer treatment. They have established special units in hospitals just for teenagers undergoing cancer treatment. And lastly they are still a damn good band. And maybe,... they are 'my generation.' But to be sure they are the first of many to be inducted. Britain gave the world a lot of great bands. Really they gave us the best bands in my opinion.
  18. The Who, my favorite band of all time, are the first to receive a paving stone on the new Music Walk of Fame in London. I going to go out on a limb and say the Beatles get one too.
  19. If you dig it, then I dig it! Good to know everything worked out.
  20. Not everything. I saw a cat this weekend wearing a watch that looked like a wall clock strapped to his arm. I don't know if he was wearing the watch or the watch was wearing him.
  21. You might consider a Setsbar Pro, either the I or II. very heavy duty designed for SG with either straight or angled bridge, Comes with a Bigsby style arm. They aint cheap, 270 USD
  22. I have a 2019 SG-Special. I have made one truss rod adjustment since I purchased it back in September. I like medium action and it stayed that way since. Of all the guitars I’ve owned, I would say the SG is the most delicate by far. I treat it with kid gloves for sure. But it’s one of the best guitars I’ve ever owned.
  23. Thanks for the info. Yes it was Campbell’s, I got the impression they do a lot of repairs and set up work there. I noticed three employees working on guitars in the middle of the store.
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