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  1. Pickup are as close to the strings as possible (or almost). Maybe its just the pickup itself that is not hot as in eg. Les Paul.
  2. Hi, I have a Gibson SG Silverburst 2007. The problem is that the solo sound (and sustain) are really weak. When you are playing rhythm kinda things.. lets say Hendrix's Purple Haze or Rainbow's Man on a silver mountain it sounds great. A really thick rockn roll sound...but when it comes time to play solo, the sound is really thin and sustain is bad. I googled that this one has "Gibson Humbuckers", that means the original pickups. Is that just a feature with SG's? Or have I understood something wrong? I have a Gibson Les Paul Standard (2010) and it sounds much thicker/louder when soloing. With Firebird VII (2007) there is a bit of a same problem as with SG that solo sounds weak. Also in Firebird the bridge pickup sounds much weaker than the neck pickup... with Stratocasters I'm used to that it's just the opposite. Nothing has been modified nor any parts have been changed with these guitars. Any comments/ideas/hints? 🙂
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