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  1. Yes, I have the same ax. Why would you want to adjust the booster? and adjust it to what? As far as the issues concerning your phase pot you've mentioned, I am not experiencing any of these. Sounds like possible electrical gremlins and could be the reason why you got a deal on it.
  2. Want to blow your audience away? Simple, just get some lighter fluid and squirt some strategically over your clothes. Add flame and voila! Just don't substitute nail polish remover if there isn't any lighter fluid. Just don't.
  3. Hey, I'm going to be lurking around here some as a non-professional musician who's been playing over 30 years. Bought 2 new guitars this month to go with my Epiphone SG. Today I picked up a 2015 Epiphone Pro-1 Explorer pack and am impressed with it in a large way. For 3 bills this little honey rips it up. Someone did a nice job on this. Out of the box, (it literally comes in a cardboard box), only minor adjustments were needed to set intonation. Every note rings clear. I will find some better machine heads and pick up for it. I just love it after having spent the last 12 hours setting up and playing her. Also, a couple of weeks ago, I grabbed a 2018 Epiphone Traditional Pro 3 Plus. Any how, the last few weeks have been a crash course in guitar care/maintenance and I've cleaned polished and done set ups for all the beasts AND they are playing well. Went to a tech once and paid 100 bucks for something I could have done myself had I the knowledge. Part of why I'm here. Always learning.
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