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  1. No issues? Worst cut nut I've seen in a long time.
  2. I've seen pics of dodgy truss rods and dodgy neck tenons but most of us never remove the truss rod cover or whip the neck pickup out to have a look. Perhaps we should be attacking our mew purchases with a screwdriver to make sure all is well!
  3. All of my Gibsons have had that smell but none more than my recent LP Special. It absolutely reeks of nitro. I bought it mail order and it had never been out of the box. It hadn't had the benefit of being out on a shop's rack getting aired out, the Gibson factory seal was unbroken. I've had it a few weeks now, maybe a month and it doesn't seem to have lost any smell yet. I leave it in the case with the lid open. Some of my Gibsons still smell years down the line but I have a 2010 LP Custom which has finally lost its nitro smell.
  4. Well it looks terrible and needs sorting.
  5. Have you been messing with it? That nut looks like it was cut by someone using a chainsaw.
  6. Just got a brand new Gibson and it has a brown CWW case. I noticed immediately that the latches were different and inside was a label from CWW saying Made In Costa Rica. When did Gibson change from using TKL Canadian cases? The quality seems OK, not noticeably different but the case is hella heavy compared to my other TKL cases.
  7. Unless I could sort that with the truss rod I'd be taking it back. I like a low action and dom't want to be prevented from getting one because the bridge ia bottomed out.
  8. How come Epiphone can get it right and Gibson can't?? I took this photo of an Epiphone Les Paul in a music store this afternoon. The nut and bolt are miles away from the.top of the guitar! Epiphone use a longer/taller bracket and a shorter nut. pichost
  9. Gibson need to use a slightly longer bracket which would elevate the scratchplate higher, a shorter bolt and a thinner nut. That way there would be no chance of the bolt denting the maple top. The present system is lousy.
  10. Shame those Casino tailpieces are as bendy as a wire coathanger. The lack of rigidity puts me right off.
  11. You may get lighter wood the more you spend but whether the cheapest or most expensive turns out the more resonant is a lottery. The pickups will be better in the more expensive versions but otherwise you're paying for period correct features, relicing and a bit more care & attention. The more you spend the more you will find diminishing returns.
  12. Well I drove back to the shop and with reluctance they opened two LP boxes for me to inspect the cases. The first was terrible, it actually had a rip in the tolex and the second was overall no better than mine so I came away with my original case.... 😕
  13. Thanks Chris. I drove 1.5 hrs yesterday to exchange this case and thought I had a good one. I'm wondering now if the dealer will even give me another exchange seeing as I left with this yesterday seemingly happy? It's such an awkward thing too, I hate taking stuff back and complaining. The guitar is great by the way!
  14. I bought a new Standard a week or two ago and noticed that the hardcsse had several imperfections. There were ugly seams here & there, bits of something glued underneath the tolex, stitching threads hanging out and the dealbreaker - a small tear in the tolex. I took the case back yesterday and after an awkward discussion I managed to get a replacement. I checked it over and decided it was OK before I left. Anyway today I have noticed that on the right of the latch on the RHS of the handle, where the tolex is glued in that curved area, the tolex isn't pressed down correctly and isn't glued down properly. There is a gap and I suspect that the tolex itself isn't long enough to push down and follow the curve. Also, the front latch doesn't line up properly. It works, for now, but there is additional strain put on it due to the two parts not meeting up straight. These kind of things bug me! You cannot buy a proper brown hardcase from Gibson, just the cheap-looking 'Gibson Gear' cases and even if you could get one it would be several hundred. I shouldn't have to live with faults on the case of such an expensive instrument. Oh and before people say that it will get scuffed up soon in normal use....it won't because I leave my Gibson cases at home. They never leave the house.
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