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  1. Why would they mount them too high at the factory? I agree that getting the height changed would be a real PITA on a 335.
  2. Yes I believe they do! They aren't ridiculously high but I feel they should sit a bit lower. I would be interested to know if they're all like that.
  3. It's hard to show in a pic, surprisingly. The knobs sit much higher than they do on any other Gibson guitar that I own (5).
  4. I picked up a 2020 Sixties ES335 DOT last week and it's a great guitar. Just one thing though, the volume and tone knobs don't seem to be fully pushed down. They stick up proud of the surface and are nothing like as flush as the knobs on my Les Pauls. Is this normal for the reflector knobs on a 335? I can't push them down any further than they already are and they look kimda goofy, like they're only on halfway.
  5. Nitro smells of chemicals, not vanilla. It also offgases for years, it never cures. However, some nitro guitars smell more nasty than others and I'm not sure why that is.
  6. My early 2019 LP Standard and late 2019 LP Special both still absolutely stink of solvents. They smell like a chemicals factory and if I"m around them my lungs feel sore.....which is more than a bit worrying. I've just taken delivery of a brand new ES335 and it doesn't smell even one quarter as bad as my Les Pauls. What gives? Surely the new one should smell the worst of the lot? They're all finished in gloss nitro so why do the two older guitars stink awfully and the new one doesn't? It isn't the cases either because the two LPs are in a rack.
  7. sunking101

    2019 ES 335

    I took delivery of a brand new ES335 Dot Sixties yesterday. The build quality is on a par with my 2018 Memphis 335. That one came with a COA and my new Nashville guitar didn't. Also, the Memphis guitar has a very custom shop-like build, the ABR bridge is screwed directly into the top of the guitar whereas my new one has the bushings which the ABR screws into much like any other non-Custom Shop Gibson Les Paul etc My new Nashville guitar is lighter and more resonant when played unplugged but I realise that such thihgs are more luck of the drawer than anything else. It also has a slightly fatter neck from approx the 5th fret upwards.
  8. The Classic and the Standards are (supposed to be) exactly the same quality. You just have a poor Classic, or an especially good Standard.
  9. No relief and as low as humanly possible.
  10. Ugh. That's terrible. You loosen the strings and then turn those knurled knobs with your fingers, not a pair of pliers. Amateurs. The trouble with using a sharpie is that the colour often dries with a slight purple tint rather than deep black. You could try a spot of black nail polish or actual black paint. A (decent) luthier or furniture repair man could do an invisible repair but it will cost you...
  11. No. They could have fixed this problem over 60 years ago but have chosen not to. The new guitars ship with a piece of felt underneath the offending bolt but because there is no room the bolt still pushes the felt into the top of the guitar and dents the finish. It isn't any kind of solution. What Gibson need to do is use a slightly longer metal bracket (like Epiphone do) which creates clearance between the bottom of the pickguard bolt and the top of the guitar. That is the only way to fix this decades old problem. Fortunately LPs look better with the pickguard on so this blemish remains hidden....
  12. My 2020 LP Standard 50s Gold Top has the same 'flaw'.
  13. Yeah that 'flaw' in the binding is the maple top peeking and it shows om every LP. Certain colours make it more visible, for instance my honey-backed Gold Top shows it more than my cherry backed LPs. As for PRS, lovely but soulless. They just leave me cold.
  14. Some would say that when white yellows and the gold parts wear it's mojo. Look how much people pay for Custom Shop relics! Here's a Custom Shop Randy Rhoads guitar where people buy it brand new with yellowed paint and extremely worn gold hardwear!
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