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  1. No. They could have fixed this problem over 60 years ago but have chosen not to. The new guitars ship with a piece of felt underneath the offending bolt but because there is no room the bolt still pushes the felt into the top of the guitar and dents the finish. It isn't any kind of solution. What Gibson need to do is use a slightly longer metal bracket (like Epiphone do) which creates clearance between the bottom of the pickguard bolt and the top of the guitar. That is the only way to fix this decades old problem. Fortunately LPs look better with the pickguard on so this blemish remains hidden....
  2. My 2020 LP Standard 50s Gold Top has the same 'flaw'.
  3. Yeah that 'flaw' in the binding is the maple top peeking and it shows om every LP. Certain colours make it more visible, for instance my honey-backed Gold Top shows it more than my cherry backed LPs. As for PRS, lovely but soulless. They just leave me cold.
  4. Some would say that when white yellows and the gold parts wear it's mojo. Look how much people pay for Custom Shop relics! Here's a Custom Shop Randy Rhoads guitar where people buy it brand new with yellowed paint and extremely worn gold hardwear!
  5. I have four Les Pauls; a Custom, two Standards and a Special. One of my Standards plays the best out of all of them. Even though they all have approximately the same (very low) action, it feels silky smooth with no buzzing and the fretwork is plain better. My Special and Custom are a slight step down in playability but they aren't far off at all. Anyway, it's NGD and I took delivery of the fourth of my four LPs this morning. A gold top 50s Standard. It is brand new and the shop gave it a pro set-up. I can tell the nut and saddles have been done, they're perfect. However, the action was a typical out of the box medium to high Gibson factory spec when I had asked for low.... So I've spent the past hour or so dialling in my preferred action and although the guitar plays fine it doesm't trouble my other three in this regard. They play better no two ways about it. All LPs are different and I can"t get this one quite as low as I would like without the A string choking a bit in the very upper registers, and a bit of string rattle on the bottom E. The truss rod is set correctly and the neck is straight so it's probably fretwork . It's the lightest of all my LPs at 8lbs10 and it sounds great but I'm just not in love with how it plays. With having more than one LP you're always going to get differences between them (not just in tone) but would you guys add a new one to your collection that didn't play as well as your others? Just curious
  6. I don't just prefer the baseball bat necks, I don't get along with the slimmer ones at all. What bugs me though is how different four different 50s necks will be. They're hand carved and some are nearer to a 60s than a 50s. I bought a 50s Les Paul Standard and had to sell it because the neck was too small. I just didn't bond with it at all. My 2010 LP Custom is supposed to have an inbetweener neck and yet it has a full-on baseball bat which I love, as does my LP Special.
  7. The 2019 Les Paul Traditional had no weight relief, vintage tuners, Burstbucker 1 & 2 pickups ,orange drop capacitors and a 50s neck. Sound familar? They're the exact spec of a 2019/20 Original Series 50's Les Paul Standard. The only difference is that the 50s Standard has thinner neck binding. The Traditiomal also cost more when released, £2200 here in the UK. The 50s Standard is £1999. Go figure.
  8. FYI there is no real difference between a 2019 LP Traditional and a 2019/2020 LP Standard. In fact the 2019 Traditional had a higher price tag upon release. But yes, regarding the two guitars in the OP's opening post, the 2016 Standard is the better guitar.
  9. No issues? Worst cut nut I've seen in a long time.
  10. I've seen pics of dodgy truss rods and dodgy neck tenons but most of us never remove the truss rod cover or whip the neck pickup out to have a look. Perhaps we should be attacking our mew purchases with a screwdriver to make sure all is well!
  11. All of my Gibsons have had that smell but none more than my recent LP Special. It absolutely reeks of nitro. I bought it mail order and it had never been out of the box. It hadn't had the benefit of being out on a shop's rack getting aired out, the Gibson factory seal was unbroken. I've had it a few weeks now, maybe a month and it doesn't seem to have lost any smell yet. I leave it in the case with the lid open. Some of my Gibsons still smell years down the line but I have a 2010 LP Custom which has finally lost its nitro smell.
  12. Well it looks terrible and needs sorting.
  13. Have you been messing with it? That nut looks like it was cut by someone using a chainsaw.
  14. Just got a brand new Gibson and it has a brown CWW case. I noticed immediately that the latches were different and inside was a label from CWW saying Made In Costa Rica. When did Gibson change from using TKL Canadian cases? The quality seems OK, not noticeably different but the case is hella heavy compared to my other TKL cases.
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