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  1. LP Standards are £2399 now, well that's the RRP anyway. The RRP was £1999 12 months ago.
  2. I prefer no binding. Plastic cheapens the feel of the fretboard for me. It's a shame that almost all Gibsons have it
  3. I sold all my Gibson USA guitars when I bought my R7. I sold 2 LP Standards and a LP Special. I've since bought an R8. I did keep my ES335 though. Sadly I cannot afford to upgrade everything.
  4. What are the grounds for returning a guitar NOT purchased online? The T&Cs of the vendor state that they will give a refund for any faults within the first 30 days. The 'faults' I have with my guitar are unlevel frets which are demonstrable with a fret rocker and also by the fact that the bass strings are dead from the 14th fret upwards unless the action is higher than I would like....and also a ding on the top that I did not notice until I got the guitar home. However, if one zooms into the photos for my guitar on the retailer's website the ding is visible (thus proving that it was there before I bought the guitar). The retailer has stated that both issues are par for the course with Gibson and nothing serious. If I want a pristine guitar then I should look at PRS etc. This is despite me having owned several Gibsons without these faults. To add insult to injury the retailer is not even prepared to fix these issues. They have stated that they will pay "a portion" of the fret levelling fee but will do nothing about the ding on the top. So what constitutes a fault if these two issues do not? Their website clearly states that if faults are reported within 30 days then the buyer can have the item repaired or refunded. My retailer is offering neither of these things. They will "contribute" to the fret levelling cost but won't pay the full amount because not every fret is unlevel. They are dismissing the ding entirely as something commonplace with Gibsons. If I were to sell this brand new guitar now I would have to disclose the ding and also the fact the frets are unlevel, thus getting a lower than market price. I must also add that I paid full RRP for this Les Paul Reissue with zero discount which makes this whole thing even more frustrating. I am forced with getting a tech to look at the frets and the responsibility falls on me for getting this sorted, plus I am the one who has to gamble on the tech not adding furthing dings and scratches to my brand new instrument. What would you folk do in this situation?
  5. Has anyone else found their new reissue to have unlevel frets? Mine has a tall one at 21 making the bass strings dead in the higher registers when a low action is dialled in. Having to spend £110 on a fret levelling is annoying when these things cost the price of a half-decent car and there's always the very real possibility that the tech will scratch or ding the guitar. I would definitely rather not be sending this for repair work as soon as I've got it. Disappointing.
  6. The latest CS Gibsons don't have protective stickers on the pickguard or rear cavity cover. USA production Gibsons do have a pickguard protective sheet.
  7. The LP Custom has a long neck tenon now. It is 100% made in the custom shop and retails for the price of a new R7. They are not cheaper guitars.
  8. Few people seem to like the new T-Type pickups and changing them in a 335 is a monumental PITA. The best stock 335s have MHS-2 pickups IMO. If swapping the stock pikups go for SD Seth Lovers or Antiquities. If your budget is larger then get some Lollars....
  9. The new Gibson cases like the one in the video are cheap and nasty. The handle feels cheap and the matt gold latches look cheap. There's no blaming anyone but Gibson now because Gibson own the company that makes them. https://www.musicinstrumentnews.co.uk/2022/01/10/gibson-brands-acquires-gww-guitar-case-company/
  10. Open the interior pocket and there will be a small white tag stitched into the inside stating where the case is made.
  11. Yeah it's weird how USA models come with multitools and straps yet the Custom Shop guitars come with neither.
  12. Asking for trouble on a shiny black scratch-magnet Gibson headstock IMO.
  13. One of mine had a similar fault but the careful application of some glue fixed it. Not that we should have to do that of course.
  14. Check the neck is straight, adjust the TR if necessary, and then lower the action to taste. If you can't sort it out to your likimg then take it to a tech.
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