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  1. Unless I could sort that with the truss rod I'd be taking it back. I like a low action and dom't want to be prevented from getting one because the bridge ia bottomed out.
  2. How come Epiphone can get it right and Gibson can't?? I took this photo of an Epiphone Les Paul in a music store this afternoon. The nut and bolt are miles away from the.top of the guitar! Epiphone use a longer/taller bracket and a shorter nut. pichost
  3. Gibson need to use a slightly longer bracket which would elevate the scratchplate higher, a shorter bolt and a thinner nut. That way there would be no chance of the bolt denting the maple top. The present system is lousy.
  4. Shame those Casino tailpieces are as bendy as a wire coathanger. The lack of rigidity puts me right off.
  5. You may get lighter wood the more you spend but whether the cheapest or most expensive turns out the more resonant is a lottery. The pickups will be better in the more expensive versions but otherwise you're paying for period correct features, relicing and a bit more care & attention. The more you spend the more you will find diminishing returns.
  6. Well I drove back to the shop and with reluctance they opened two LP boxes for me to inspect the cases. The first was terrible, it actually had a rip in the tolex and the second was overall no better than mine so I came away with my original case.... 😕
  7. Thanks Chris. I drove 1.5 hrs yesterday to exchange this case and thought I had a good one. I'm wondering now if the dealer will even give me another exchange seeing as I left with this yesterday seemingly happy? It's such an awkward thing too, I hate taking stuff back and complaining. The guitar is great by the way!
  8. I bought a new Standard a week or two ago and noticed that the hardcsse had several imperfections. There were ugly seams here & there, bits of something glued underneath the tolex, stitching threads hanging out and the dealbreaker - a small tear in the tolex. I took the case back yesterday and after an awkward discussion I managed to get a replacement. I checked it over and decided it was OK before I left. Anyway today I have noticed that on the right of the latch on the RHS of the handle, where the tolex is glued in that curved area, the tolex isn't pressed down correctly and isn't glued down properly. There is a gap and I suspect that the tolex itself isn't long enough to push down and follow the curve. Also, the front latch doesn't line up properly. It works, for now, but there is additional strain put on it due to the two parts not meeting up straight. These kind of things bug me! You cannot buy a proper brown hardcase from Gibson, just the cheap-looking 'Gibson Gear' cases and even if you could get one it would be several hundred. I shouldn't have to live with faults on the case of such an expensive instrument. Oh and before people say that it will get scuffed up soon in normal use....it won't because I leave my Gibson cases at home. They never leave the house.
  9. I took the advice of the majority and didn't do the deal. I still have my LP Standard and Custom, I just added the red one to the arsenal.
  10. Here's the latest member of the collection. image uploader
  11. Well I didn't do the trade folks. I kept my guitars and yesterday bought my thjrd LP, a transluscent cherry red Traditional. I've always loved that colour!
  12. Well that's even more of a bargain then because you can pay a couple of hundred for a Gibson case, more for the brown ones. The Studios come with a hard case.
  13. Did it come with that rather clean looking case too? Regardless, that's a bargain I would have snapped up too.
  14. The R8 is brand new in a shop and therefore full RRP. I'd be getting trade-in prices for mine but ignoring that whole financial side of the equation, would ONE R8 be preferable to a LP Standard.and a LP Custom? What would you guys rather have in your collection? The two decent axes or the one stunner?
  15. Dilemma! What would you rather have? I currently have a white 2010 USA Gibson Les Paul Custom (9.5 outta 10 condition) and a heritage cherry sunburst 2019 Gibson Les Paul Standard 50s (10 outta 10 condition). I have the opportunity to trade BOTH of these for a brand new R8. I know the reissue is nicer than either of mine but is it nicer than having both of mine? It's nice having two LPs and I do use them both but the R8 is so nice! I just can't seem to make the call.
  16. The nitro smell gets old real quick. It fills my entire home and never seems to dissipate. Not a fan.
  17. Snap. Mine has a May build and I bought it in June! Stinks the place out and I'm pretty sure the hard case will never lose the smell.
  18. I'm cool with grain and natural imperfections in the wood. I just wanted to check that they weren't paint or nitro imperfections. The lower part around the tone pots particularly bothered me because one of the lines looks like scoring through the paint/lacquer or cracking.
  19. Yeah, lots of dust. I'm leaving the guitar out most of the time to lose that sickly nitro smell which fills my entire flat.
  20. Thanks. So the top is wood grain hut the bottom looks like someone has scored through the paint with a sharp knife?
  21. I have a query on flaws in the finish of my 2019 LP Standard. There are some lines running horizontally in the direction of the neck, top and bottom of the bodg but strangely not in the middle. Are they flaws in the maple top, or more likely flaws in the paint?
  22. It hasn't been fixed in decades so I rather doubt it.
  23. I'm a pickguard off kinda guy but would leave a spoiler on my car...
  24. I've owned the guitar a month now and am past any period of swapping it. I cokplained in the first 30 days and was told it wasn't a problem they were prepared to fix, so I don't see how I'll get anywhere now.
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