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  1. The nitro smell gets old real quick. It fills my entire home and never seems to dissipate. Not a fan.
  2. Snap. Mine has a May build and I bought it in June! Stinks the place out and I'm pretty sure the hard case will never lose the smell.
  3. I'm cool with grain and natural imperfections in the wood. I just wanted to check that they weren't paint or nitro imperfections. The lower part around the tone pots particularly bothered me because one of the lines looks like scoring through the paint/lacquer or cracking.
  4. Yeah, lots of dust. I'm leaving the guitar out most of the time to lose that sickly nitro smell which fills my entire flat.
  5. Thanks. So the top is wood grain hut the bottom looks like someone has scored through the paint with a sharp knife?
  6. I have a query on flaws in the finish of my 2019 LP Standard. There are some lines running horizontally in the direction of the neck, top and bottom of the bodg but strangely not in the middle. Are they flaws in the maple top, or more likely flaws in the paint?
  7. It hasn't been fixed in decades so I rather doubt it.
  8. I'm a pickguard off kinda guy but would leave a spoiler on my car...
  9. I've owned the guitar a month now and am past any period of swapping it. I cokplained in the first 30 days and was told it wasn't a problem they were prepared to fix, so I don't see how I'll get anywhere now.
  10. The thread kinda petered out but someone brought it back to life again. Beyond my initial complaint, nah, I didn't take it further. I've had a lot on with a family member's health problems so this took a backseat. It's a shame because it has put a dampener on an expensive purchase.
  11. Yes but apparently dings are inevitable. Lots of people are saying that I shouldn't fuss that my brand new £2k guitar has damage because damage is inevitable and I will do it to my guitar myself over time. All and I mean ALL cars at some point will have stonechips, minor door dents from discourteous fellow car park users, and scuffed alloy wheels. So if all that is inevitable then why fuss if the car leaves the showroom with that damage?
  12. Not at all. A £2000 Gibson Les Paul is a premium, luxury instrument and comparable to a luxury car purchase in this context. We aren't talking about a Squier Affinity Stratocaster which cost £135.
  13. So you would not mind a few small dents in your car doors, stone chips on the bonnet and scuffed alloy wheels when you collect your brand new $70k car from the dealership? After all, these things will inevitably happen over time.
  14. Super-similar looking though. My reply stands for any glossy red semi.
  15. Black for me. I have a red tortoise pickguard on my pearl white strat elite but wouldn't want one on a red 335. White would look even worse IMO. Oh and scratchplates are a must on a 335. They look wrong without them. 🤨
  16. Anyway, mine is hot out of the factory and my home smells of vanilla-infused nitro in every room....
  17. What are you talking about? 12th May 2019 isn't in the future.
  18. Really? My build date was 12/05/19 and there was no felt under the nut. Just a flat-angled pickguard and a dent in the surface of my guitar.
  19. Big difference between control cavities and underneath pickguards. Too many people accept damage here! You'll get dings anyway, you can hardly see it, it adds character, keep the pickguard on etc. Would you accept that damage if it wasn't underneath the pickguard? I wouldn't. Also, for TWO THOUSAND POUNDS I expect a pristine intrument with zero defects.
  20. I've never understood that argument. My guitars never get dinged up and I play the heck out of them. I'm a bedroom guitarist who looks after his kit. If I buy a brand new item then I expect no scratches, dings or defects. That especially goes for £2000 guitars. It's not hard to design a pick guard that doesn't destroy the guitar's finish. We all expect the two screw holes but the nut pushing into the top of the guitar is just bad design.
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