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  1. I am leaning more towards it being a '56 225TD that was just stamped as a 225T. I'll have to ask him if he bought it new or not. I wouldn't be surprised at all if he was off a year. I was just curious if they normally stamped them as 225T, whether they were a T or a TD, and if it would have any implications on the rarity. How cool would it be to have a '55 that slipped through as a two pickup?? I do not know too much about vintage guitars but this one sure is a pretty cool to me! Regardless of what year it is, it sounds amazing and I'm not sure if I'll ever let it go. I partially learned how to play on it and am currently teaching my wife to play on it. Thanks for the reply, Twang Gang!
  2. Sooner359

    ES-225 Stamp

    Hey all, I have an ES-225 given to me by my father and am looking for some info on it. He has always told me that it is a 1955 but when I did my own research, I found that 225's were only made with two pick-ups starting in 1956. I found that the 225T was a one pick-up and the 225TD was a two pick-up. The one I have is a two pick-up but only has ES- 225T stamped on it. Is it normal for them to leave off the "D" and let the two pick-ups be the identifier? Thanks in advance!
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