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  1. I just bought one a few months back and have been rushing home every day to play it. I'm in love with this instrument! Feels way more premium than other LPC's I've played.
  2. Just thought I’d provide an update to this thread. I’ve just done a re-string and took out the neck pickup and it does have the long neck tenon, the cavity is correct, and the patent applied for sticker on the 57 Classic is correct. Sent photos of it to Gibson Support who have verified as well. The top is just a flaw, but this guys legit!
  3. Here I was talking about the cutaway and how it comes up to meet the neck, and the joint looking at it from the outside. On most replicas it is not smooth or figured correctly. Sorry I probably could have clarified a little better. I’ll update shortly when I’ve had a chance to pull out the pickups.
  4. Nope, haven’t checked the pickup cavity. Just the back cavities. However, I’ve been emailing back and forth with Gibson Custom Support and provided them with 12 High Quality images. They just replied and it is authentic! I’m still going to check for the long neck tenon, but I’m sure it will be there. I’ll update to confirm.
  5. There is one other thing I need to check next time I change strings. I’m going to pull out the neck pickup and check for the long neck joint. Since it’s a 68 Reissue it should have it. Think if it’s there then it’s unquestionably authentic. And if not then I guess I wasted $2,500... I’ll update the thread once I have checked.
  6. Yea, I’m sure it’s real. It must have slipped through QC without the top getting noticed. I even took it to Guitar Center where I confirmed with multiple sources it’s legitimacy. I actually like that it has a flaw, gives it character. And if it wasn’t real, it wouldn’t play like a Custom. But this thing plays way better than my chambered Oxblood Custom did. I love it! Just when I noticed the top it did freak me out. Thanks for all the responses!
  7. The inlays are all mother of pearl and flawless, but the above photo does make that first fret inlay look funny. The weird colors could be from my Hue lights. I just deleted the last headstock photo and replaced it with one that shows the first fret inlay.
  8. Here is the headstock. The serial number on the back is stamped correctly as well.
  9. I’m kind of with you as far as the Custom shop not allowing this to pass QC... but then again... the line is straight from the neck to the bridge pickup... then rolls off at rear of the guitar. It’s a 3 piece headstock, all inlays are correct, the truss rod adjuster is correct under the cover, it’s got a COA as well. Everything on it checks out. The top is the only thing that is off on the guitar. Here’s another image.
  10. I recently purchased a 2005 68 Reissue LP Custom and everything checks out on it. The only thing that has me freaked out is the assymetrical top. Check it out and let me know your thoughts please. I’ve checked everything and it is legitimate, however I just realized the symmetry on the top is crooked, could this just be a flaw? serial: 052658, Weight is correct, Joint is correct, inlays are correct, Gibson Logo is correct, Truss Rod cover is correct, even the internals are correct, Grovers are correct, Bindings are good. I’ve just not seen a top like this before. The line in the middle of
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