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  1. Sorry to start a new topic for this, but how do you delete your attachments from attachment quota? I have posted 2 pics and now I have almost no quota left. You can't seem to delete them, even if you delete the post they remain in your quota?! Any ideas?
  2. @uncle fester Don't play in any bands currently...used to play 'professionally' back in the 90's in punk/pop band..if you call 2 fingered power chords 'professionally'...lol. Played some big shows though, Glastonbury, Reading Festival, Lilith Fair, and lots of gig's/festivals around Europe and US. Just home noodling now along to records, classic stuff like Zep, Stones, Zappa, Tubes, Floyd etc. etc..tone seems to sit in ok... @ghost_of_fl No TS I'm afraid...although someone I know is selling Wampler Tumnus and I'm very tempted! Supposed to be a good Klon type pedal... but do I really need another OD pedal? Already have the EHX Hot tubes, Crayon, and Keeley Aria has Red Dirt/ White Sands OD's too.....any Tumnus users out there want to give me their experience?...
  3. Congratulations Mr Ford....very tasty! Enjoy
  4. I put the 5751 in V1 of the Blues Jr, took away the pedals...cranked Vol to 8-9, master to 3-4 and hey presto...a pretty nice crunchy tone! I just put the EQ to 6 (half way) across the board, reverb just below 2 (it sounds like you are in a cave any higher) Seems to work better with my darker humbucker guitars for crunch than the single coils...makes sense I suppose with the higher output...anyone looking for quick and cheap way to change up their tone, try swapping V1 tube... Warning, this tweaking is addictive! lol...Must spend more time playing than messin'...😃 Oh and the 12Ax7 Tung Sol I took out of the BJ I put in V2 of the Origin...tried V1 but liked the stock Marshall branded (I think it's JJ) for some reason as the Tung Sol seemed even brighter....
  5. So the Origin 20 came and out of the box I was able to dial in a tone similar to the one I've come accustomed to with my Guitar Rig models...glad I went with the 20 and not the 50...even at mid power (3w) it's loud.. down to low (apparently .5 watt) but more than enough for the bedroom. (Yes you lose a bit of bottom when you turn the power down but not bad enough to worry about). Hoping that it will get even nicer as I break the speaker in.... On the Blues Jr front I spent some more time with it and it seems a bit better, maybe the speaker is breaking in, maybe my ears are becoming more used to it? It still doesn't sound 'great' with any overdrive IMO...but the cleans are lovely... I have a 5751 pre amp valve for V1 coming as apparently that mellows the pre amp stage (70% gain vs 100% for 12Ax7) and passes less fizz to the power amps.. all in all getting there... So here's a few pics.....chucked in the Lester shot (2009 Traditional with 57 classics)
  6. So for anyone interested I checked out a few amps.. Fender Tone Master was cool, but for some reason because of no tubes (spot the theme Pepper?) , it felt like I might as well stick with modelers. Also tried the Marshall Origin 50c...they didn't have 20 watt, and although it was too loud for what I want, I liked it. I know a lot of people don't and bag them cos they are pcb, made in Vietnam etc, but with a Fender AP Tele it sounded killer...no pedals.. just crunchy cool. Also tried with Les Paul and again, great crunchy sound for classic rock... Again I had some spare cash...(lol, my firm gave me a COVID bonus!? yeah I know, insane but you aren't going to say no eh?) so I pulled the trigger on the 20C (yes it's a 10" speaker!) but I think the mid power (3 watt) will work fine for some bedroom schwang.....(low power on the 50 was 5 watts and still too loud for late night bedroom noodle)...it was on sale so was basically the cost of a couple of good pedals.... Will pick up an ABY box so I can run it together with the Blues Jr (got to keep it for the cleans)...which is sounding better with more mid and treble dialled in strangely..and bass backed off...and with that I'm done... Just need Catlinbread Echorec, Ditto Looper, Gig Rig 2, pedal board..... oh dear....must stop!....will try and post some pics soon....stay safe everyone....
  7. Totally agree Mr. Pepper. Love "What Do You Want From Live' album too...also some cool tracks on "Now'... great cover of Beefhearts "My Head Is My Only House Unless It Rains'.. and the superbly odd ' Cathy's Clone' with Cpt. Beefheart guesting on sax... I go to a fair few record fairs and you can get most of their albums on vinyl for around $10 or less here in Oz...bargain.. @01GT eibach great button/badge!...looks like it's pinned to your denim jacket ready to go.....;)
  8. @merciful-evans Portsmouth England! I used to live there for 30 years before I moved to Oz... HMS Victory, and the Gosport ferry!...man, reminds me of my youth, when I didn't have disposable income and dreamed of a Gibson LP while twanging my Squire strat in a garage band... You are right, the modelers ain't broke, but there is something I love about being free from a computer... @SteveFord Will check out the 20 Watt Marshall Origin in person...looks cool and has option to switch to .5 and 5 watts for bedroom playing... can run the Fender for my cleans and Marshall for my dirt..lol Just need to find a way to distract the wife to get one through the door...heh.
  9. Lol...yes...'can't clean up, though I know I should' 😃 Pick guard on or off? 😛 Its made from the hair of a Tibetan yak..female Appreciate the responses (the sensible ones anyway)… speaker in mine is already Jensen C12N..and yes it's very treble heavy.. also have tried the stock GT and Tung Sol.. the Tung Sol seemed to be warmer IMO. Will try more mid in the EQ as I was under the impression more mids would be part of the nasal sound so dialed it right back.. Re Marshall...you could be right, my main go to for modelers is the Lead 800 based on JCM800...I don't like heavy overdrive though, just crunchy.... I'm getting closer to something I can use with slight crunch from the White sands side of the Keeley along with the Hot Tubes of the EHX... the quest will continue.. "Have to score when I get that rich white punk itch".....
  10. So....been a long time user of amp modelling software for over a decade. LP's, SG, Telecaster straight into Guitar Rig, or Bias FX 2. Very easy to get great tone..one click and bingo. Lately had some spare money (yes I know) and thought it's time to go all grown up so bought small 15 watt valve amp.. Fender Blues Jr IV Tweed.. play classic rock and blues so after seeing YouTube reviews for Blues Jr figured it would be good starting platform and apparently takes pedals well... Got Keeley Aria compressor+overdrive, EHX Hot Wax, and Oceans 11 reverb pedals.. Clean sounds are fantastic, but now the problem. I am really struggling to get an overdriven tone I like..I've tried volume pre amp high, master for volume to get natural tube break up...just sounds very 'nasal'.. Tried Master vol maxed and pre amp volume for level with pedals giving the dirt...still sounds fizzy or nasal..that's 3 different overdrive/distortion pedals.. even retubed the amp with Tung Sol valves... So what am doing wrong? Any suggestions from other Blues Jr owners out there? I'm beginning to think perhaps I made the wrong amp choice, but watching other youtubers with Blues Jr they seem to get the great tone I'm after.. Any advice/tips appreciated....
  11. Yes great lesson...spent a week or so and got the lead licks down pretty easily...You are right, it's the rhythm part that is the hard thing to get right... second solo took a bit of practice too. Thoroughly recommend people subscribing to your Shutup & Play Guitar channel by the way.. the 'better way to tune' video was great...👍
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