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  1. Here's an Acoustic Electric I came across the other day. Anyone have an idea what it is?
  2. Not a huge fan of that white Hbird look or the sound :S However, that's just my opinion!!
  3. Jeeze guys.. Take a chill pill. Cool factor is always a consideration when playing guitar. Of course I can play just as good with the strap longer; I can do this because I practice it that way. My left arm being straight is more comfortable, for me. So before we judge a little bit more, my original question was if anyone knew of straps that extended that long... NOT what do you all think about people who have longer straps. Seems like the "poseur" would be the person caring so much about other people's straps and generalizing the notion that having a longer, more comfortable strap is only for those who lack ability and want to make up with aesthetics. So.. basically... if you can't answer the question, don't start a flame war..
  4. I'm looking for recommendations!
  5. I currently have a Gibson strap that sits my Les Paul comfortably to my side.. Great for playing jazz, blues, and other easy jamming situations.. However, I need a strap to hang that Les Paul where it needs to be for maximum rock. I'm talking Jimmy Page hang.. Or that guy on youtube who seems to rock out on every great guitar ever made ( ).. I need a strap like that!I have a strap I use for my acoustic that goes to 72", which I think may be a tad bit short, but I don't want to use it on my Les Paul because it is somewhat uncomfortable and moves my shirt around whilst jamming. Any suggestions fellow Les Paul-natics?
  6. Well nevermind, it's probably because it's a 50s TRIBUTE, duh!
  7. Does it seem odd that these goldtop studios come with non-PCB wiring? I wonder why they switched back?
  8. Here is the same guitar as mine.. This isn't a picture of mine personally' date= but it looked the exact same. As you can see the burst has no real gradual change, it pretty much just cut off like this one.. Aaaaand after:
  9. I fully agree! Funny story, actually. I recently decided to see what I could do to my Les Paul to "renew" my interest in it. When I first bought it, I knew it had just fantastic sound. However, the looks of it were much to be desired. The finish, although I am a fan of shiny alternatives, was not suiting me like it should have. Also, a while back it had black hardware on it. After a short period of time I felt that I was just keeping it to say I had a Les Paul, instead of feeling like I had a real piece of artwork. My wonderful woman bought me a tube amp, which led me to the conclusion that the Paul is indeed the best sounding guitar on the planet. I replaced the hardware with creme-colored appointments. Which took it a step closer to a real classic looking Les Paul. Finally, I got fed up with the bright colored red burst almost instantly fading to a bland yellow middle. Also, the finish was a little TOO satin. I polished it, to a great extent, with plain ol carnauba wax. It brought the shine to what I would imagine a very well used/maintained glossy Les Paul would look like. Then, I let it sunbathe for, basically, a week straight. 10 hours in the sun per day, making sure not to overheat. Mellowed out the burst and brought out the maple grain significantly. Now I feel like I have a real unique Les Paul. I wouldn't sell it if I had to!
  10. This thread kind of makes me want to look into some new pickups...
  11. Does Gibson sell pickups with the connector already soldered on? I'd like to get some zebra 57's or BB Pros but I don't want to remove the PCB connectors already in place on my Les Paul. Thanks!
  12. Wow.. I didn't even know Gibson was doing the 50's tribute! They look awesome!!
  13. I kind of prefer it, but I'm not replacing my pickups either. My 08 Studio looks a lot cleaner when you open up the cavity than an SG I purchased before it. The SG looked like it had a soldering iron dropped in the cavity and someone spilled flux all over the place... New.. From the factory.
  14. Of course try a Masterbilt! However, you may want to check out a used Taylor.. My friend got a 214 for under $500 at a pawn shop and it sounds fantastic.. Granted it isn't a Gibson but still nice
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