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  1. Alright, well this was a complete re-install in the picture. When I used it for a time before, with the FLstudio registration showing just like this, it locked up after a certain time and stopped letting me use it except for the basic functions. But, you're telling me this won't happen again? Okay, I will trust that it won't.
  2. Hi, no, it's a different process. With the Image-Line software, it says that I'm registered, up to 2.43. But, when I try the Stanton version, it asks me to register via the Cakewalk site. And I just used it for a few days, but then it locked me out of all but the most basic functions, so it's definitely not registered. I tried using the .reg file that Image-line provides, but that does not work. It's a totally different type of file than the one that Stanton is asking for.
  3. Hello, I'm trying to register the new version of Deckadance 2.73. I'm coming from my Image-line copy, which was 2.3. The way it asks to register through the Cakewalk forum does not work. thanks.
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