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  1. Well, I got rid of the FB, so can't make any adjustments. However, I did get a Tusq nut put in, didn't help. I also had the saddles/bridge/etc. looked at closely by a pro. He couldn't see anything significantly wrong with it. I also cleaned and lubricated them each time I changed the strings. Honestly, I think it was just a lemon guitar. It happens. I got it for a good price. I know now likely why. It's a shame because it was a really cool guitar....
  2. I got the Steinberger tuners with professional installation. They helped with the neck dive, but didn't still didn't keep that Firebird in tune. No matter what I tried, that Firebird thing was just not able to be reliable guitar. It was such a prima donna - I'd have to warm the neck with my hand before I played it (even in summer), I couldn't put bend too much, I couldn't strum hard, I'd have to check the set up routinely as measurements would slip microscopically enough to affect the overall intonation, I tried all kinds/gauges of strings and could never find the that worked for it, etc etc etc. I don't know if that one was just a lemon (it was a 2010, after all) or if that whole Firebird model is flawed. But I think I know more about why those are sort of sought after but aren't widely revered guitars -- they look amazing but require more work than they're worth. In the end, I swapped that guitar for a 2005 Les Paul Standard. So much better.
  3. Thanks for the info. Respectfully, I’ve been playing guitar and bass for nearly 30 years and changed strings many many times. If I don’t know how to do that by now... (Parenthetically, I love that that article is like, “wash your hands before you play your guitar.” I know those are jazz guys, but what the **** are they doing? Eating dinner with their moms?) I was more wondering how to diagnose this issue. My strings are currently only about a week old, but I have stretched them really well and I’ve never quite had this issue with any other guitar. The only thing I can reason now is that the tuners are slipping, but I can’t be sure just yet. What else could it be?
  4. I’ve done that. They’re all pretty tight. Low E, G, and B tend to be the ones that slip. I’ve also greased the nut and saddles with graphite stuff. I try to only wind each 1.5 to 3 turns a piece to limit stretch. Still, it’ll pop out of tune pretty quick. Is there a string winding technique I should employ?
  5. New to the Firebird V (just got me a 2010). Love the feel and sound, but having some tuning issues. I set it up how I like it, so that part is good. Intonation is great. I know I can take it sharp if I push the strings hard on the frets, but that’ll bounce back after I let go. A few big bends or smashing a few hard chords, it’s out. It just seem like the stock banjo tuners aren’t holding it in tune. Am I missing another element that may be taking it out of tune? I hear mixed reviews about the Steinberger gearless machine heads. Mostly good reviews, but I thought I’d put the direct question put there. Do Steinberger gearless tuners for Firebird V equal improved tuning stability?
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